99 Collective Nouns For Things

    "Agenda of Tasks"

    "Anthology of Poems"

    "Anthology of Prose"

    "Armada of Ships"

    "Atlas of Maps"

    "Bag of Game"

    "Bank of Batteries"

    "Bank of Circuits"

    "Bank of Monitors"

    "Barrel of Laughs"

    "Basket of Plums"

    "Batch of Bread"

    "Battery of Artillery"

    "Bed of Flowers"

    "Belt of Asteroids"

    "Bits of Information"

    "Bowl of Flour"

    "Budget of Papers"

    "Bunch of Bananas"

    "Bunch of Grapes"

    "Bunch of Keys"

    "Bundle of Asparagus"

    "Cache of Jewels"

    "Cache of Weapons"

    "Caste of flower-pots"

    "Catch of collective nouns"

    "Chain of Events"

    "Chain of Matches"

    "Chest of Drawers"

    "Clump of Reeds"

    "Clump of Trees"

    "Cluster of Bombs"

    "Cluster of Computers"

    "Cluster of Stars"

    "Clutch of Eggs"

    "Collection of Objects"

    "Collective of Nouns"

    "Colony of Fungus"

    "Convoy of Lorries"

    "Convoy of Trucks"

    "Culture of Bacteria"

    "Dicker of Hides"

    "Embarrassment of Riches"

    "Fall of Snow"

    "Festival of Balloons"

    "Fitting of Sails"

    "Fleet of Boats"

    "Fleet of Cars"

    "Fleet of Vehicles"

    "Flight of Aeroplanes"

    "Flight of Stairs"

    "Flight of Steps"

    "Galaxy of Starlets"

    "Garland of Sonnets"

    "Heap of Trash"

    "Hill of Beans"

    "Holiness of Donuts"

    "Mess of Grits"

    "Pack of Cards"

    "Panes of Glass"

    "Peal of Bells"

    "Pile of Rubbish"

    "Pile of Books"

    "Pocket of Hops"

    "Pocket of Oranges"

    "Pod of Peas"

    "Punnet of Strawberries"

    "Purse of Winnings"

    "Quire of Newspapers"

    "Quiver of Arrows"

    "Range of Mountains"

    "Roll of Coins"

    "Rope of Onions"

    "Rope of Pearls"

    "Rouleau of Money"

    "Round of Drinks"

    "Serving of Spoons"

    "Set of Bowls"

    "Set of Golfclubs"

    "Set of Rules"

    "Set of Utencils"

    "Sheaf of Corn"

    "Shower of Rain"

    "Sizzle of Sausages"

    "Skein of Silk"

    "Skirl of Bagpipes"

    "Slew of Homework"

    "Spawn of Umbrellas"

    "Sprinkle of Hoses"

    "Stand of Arms"

    "Staple of Zines"

    "Swirl of Paisleys"

    "Troop of Mushrooms"

    "Truss of Hay"

    "Tuft of Grass"

    "Tumult of Tubas"

    "Wad of Bills"

    "Wolfpack of Submarines"

    "Zap of Lasers"

An object is a technical term in modern philosophy often used in contrast to the term subject.

A subject is an observer and an object is a thing observed.

For modern philosophers like Descartes, consciousness is a state of cognition that includes the subject—which can never be doubted as only it can be the one who doubts–—and some object(s) that may be considered as not having real or full existence or value independent of the subject who observes it.


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