20 Collective Noun Examples For Fourth Graders

    "Bag of Game"

    "Barrel of Monkeys"

    "Batch of Bread"

    "Bunch of Seals"

    "Cluster of Spiders"

    "Colony of Ants"

    "Colony of Bats"

    "Fleet of Cars"

    "Flight of Bees"

    "Flock of Tourists"

    "Herd of Goats"

    "Litter of Dogs"

    "Pack of Sharks"

    "Ring of Keys"

    "School of Shark"

    "Tribe of Baboons"

    "Tribe of Natives"

    "Wad of Money"

    "Walk of Snails"

    "Zap of Lasers"

Collective Nouns Quiz

10 Random Collective Nouns

Ruby (1) Business (2) Clowder (1) Panes (1) Dropping (1) Cete (1) Loft (1) Squadron (2) Scold (1) Glint (1)