87 Collective Nouns Starting With B

    "Badelynge of Ducks"

    "Badling of Ducks"

    "Bag of Game"

    "Bale of Turtles"

    "Band of Coyotes"

    "Band of Gorillas"

    "Band of Jays"

    "Band of Men"

    "Band of Musicians"

    "Bank of Batteries"

    "Bank of Circuits"

    "Bank of Monitors"

    "Bank of Swans"

    "Banner of Knights"

    "Barrel of Laughs"

    "Barrel of Monkeys"

    "Barren of Mules"

    "Bask of Crocodiles"

    "Basket of Plums"

    "Batch of Bread"

    "Battery of Artillery"

    "Battery of Barracuda"

    "Bazaar of Guillemots"

    "Bed of Clams"

    "Bed of Flowers"

    "Bed of Oysters"

    "Bed of Snakes"

    "Bellowing of Bullfinches"

    "Belt of Asteroids"

    "Bench of Bishops"

    "Bench of Judges"

    "Bench of Magistrates"

    "Bevy of Beauties"

    "Bevy of Deer"

    "Bevy of Doves"

    "Bevy of Ladies"

    "Bevy of Larks"

    "Bevy of Maidens"

    "Bevy of Otter"

    "Bevy of Otters"

    "Bevy of Quail"

    "Bevy of Roedeer"

    "Bevy of Swans"

    "Bew of Partridges"

    "Bill of Ruffs"

    "Bind of Eels"

    "Bind of Salmon"

    "Bits of Information"

    "Blessing of Unicorns"

    "Bloat of Hippopotami"

    "Blush of Boys"

    "Blush of Robins"

    "Board of Directors"

    "Bob of Seals"

    "Bobbin of Robins"

    "Boil of Hawks"

    "Bond of Women"

    "Book of Wagers"

    "Bouquet of Flowers"

    "Bouquet of Pheasants"

    "Bowl of Flour"

    "Brace of Bucks"

    "Brace of Ducks"

    "Brace of Grouse"

    "Brace of Pheasants"

    "Branch of Mormons"

    "Breast of Robins"

    "Brigade of Soldiers"

    "Brood of Chickens"

    "Brood of Chicks"

    "Brood of Grouse"

    "Brood of Hens"

    "Brood of Turkeys"

    "Bubble of Divers"

    "Budget of Papers"

    "Building of Rooks"

    "Bunch of Bananas"

    "Bunch of Flowers"

    "Bunch of Grapes"

    "Bunch of Keys"

    "Bunch of Pigeons"

    "Bunch of Seals"

    "Bundle of Asparagus"

    "Bury of Conies"

    "Bury of Rabbits"

    "Business of Ferrets"

    "Business of Flies"

B or b (pronounced BEE) is the second letter of the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

It represents the voiced bilabial stop in many languages, including English.

In some other languages, it is used to represent other bilabial consonants.


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