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A collection is a vast assemblage or group that brings together various entities with some commonality. Collective nouns are placeholders used to conveniently represent a collection of individuals, objects, animals, or concepts. Universal in nature, collective nouns offer a practical way to describe groups of items or beings. These nouns effectively consolidate and simplify language, providing structure and organization.

Innumerable examples of collective nouns exist, presenting the opportunity to express various categories of gatherings. For instance, when discussing animals, we have a collection of ants marching steadily towards their destination, a collection of fish swimming harmoniously in the ocean, or a collection of birds flying together in perfect formation. Similarly, for objects, one could utilize the phrase a collection of books lining the shelves meticulously, or a collection of shoes neatly arranged in rows.

Within the realm of music, a collection of instruments highlights the amalgamation of sounds an orchestra produces, while for art enthusiasts, we may speak of a collection of paintings showcasing the decorative diversity of an art gallery. The term can also extend to thoughts and knowledge, such as a collection of ideas forming the basis of a philosophical doctrine, or a collection of facts representing the culmination of research.

Furthermore, collections can embody tangible or intangible aspects. It can refer to a collection of flowers adorning a vibrant garden, or a collection of stars illuminating majestic night skies. Meanwhile, more abstractly, we can describe a collection of emotions evoked by a particularly powerful movie, or a collection of memories that define one's personal journey.

In essence, the use of collective nouns with the word collection serves as a dynamic tool to express the unity, diversity, and sheer abundance found within groups of myriad elements or beings. It simplifies language and enables effective communication by encapsulating multifaceted entities under one all-encompassing term.


Collection Of Abandoned Toys

A collection of abandoned toys refers to a diverse group of inanimate playthings that have been discarded, left behind, or forgotten by their previous owners. This collective noun phrase represents an assorted array of toys from various categories, includ...

Example sentence

"The attic was filled with a haunting collection of abandoned toys, all longing to be played with once again."


Collection Of Activewear

A collection of activewear refers to a diverse assemblage of clothing specifically designed and tailored for athletic and active pursuits. This collective noun phrase encompasses a wide range of garments including sports bras, leggings, shorts, tank tops,...

Example sentence

"I organized a collection of activewear for our team, ranging from sports bras to leggings."


Collection Of Aeroplanes

A collection of aeroplanes refers to a group of aircraft gathered or assembled in one place. This collective noun phrase encapsulates a captivating sight that showcases the diversity and grandeur of aviation. A collection of aeroplanes could come in vari...

Example sentence

"I visited the aviation museum and was amazed by the diverse collection of aeroplanes on display."


Collection Of Alpacas

A collection of Alpacas refers to a group of these domesticated South American camelids, highly valued for their soft and luxurious fleece and their gentle demeanor. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the image of multiple Alpacas standing together,...

Example sentence

"A collection of alpacas grazed peacefully in the lush mountain meadows."


Collection Of Anchors

A collection of anchors refers to a grouping or assembly of these powerful marine tools. Often found on ships, boats, or marine structures, anchors play a crucial role in securing and stabilizing vessels in various conditions. In a collection of anchors, ...

Example sentence

"The collection of anchors on display in the maritime museum is truly impressive."


Collection Of Apple Trees

A collection of apple trees refers to a group of these beautiful deciduous fruit trees, standing majestically together in close proximity. These abundant apple trees, known for their delicious fruits and picturesque aesthetics, create an enchanting sight ...

Example sentence

"In the orchard, a collection of apple trees stretched as far as the eye could see, their branches laden with juicy fruit."


Collection Of Asteroids

A collection of asteroids refers to a gathering or grouping of various rocky objects that orbit the Sun within our solar system. This unique collective noun phrase encompasses a wide range of celestial bodies, consisting of fragments left over from the fo...

Example sentence

"Astronomers have been studying a vast collection of asteroids in the asteroid belt for years."


Collection Of Baboons

A collection of baboons is a sight to behold, as these highly social primates gather together in groups numbering from a few individuals to dozens or even hundreds. As one of the most iconic species of monkeys, a collection of baboons is marked by their d...

Example sentence

"A collection of baboons scampered through the African savannah, their vibrant coats gleaming under the sun."


Collection Of Beachgoers

A Collection of Beachgoers is a vibrant group of individuals congregating at the beautiful shores of a beach. This collective noun phrase aptly captures the diverse array of people coming together to enjoy the sun, sand, and salty breeze. It encompasses v...

Example sentence

"A collection of beachgoers cheered as they watched the beautiful sunset on the horizon."


Collection Of Beauties

A collection of beauties refers to a group of exceptionally beautiful individuals that come together, creating a captivating and visually stunning assembly. This collective noun phrase signifies a gathering of people who possess enchanting physical appear...

Example sentence

"The art gallery exhibited a stunning collection of beauties, featuring intricate paintings by renowned artists."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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