265 Collective Nouns For Animals

    "Aerie of Eagles"

    "Aerie of Hawks"

    "Ambush of Tigers"

    "Army of Ants"

    "Army of Caterpillars"

    "Army of Frogs"

    "Army of Herrings"

    "Array of Hedgehogs"

    "Ascension of Larks"

    "Aurora of Polar Bears"

    "Badelynge of Ducks"

    "Bale of Turtles"

    "Band of Coyotes"

    "Band of Gorillas"

    "Band of Jays"

    "Bank of Swans"

    "Barrel of Monkeys"

    "Barren of Mules"

    "Bask of Crocodiles"

    "Battery of Barracuda"

    "Bazaar of Guillemots"

    "Bed of Clams"

    "Bed of Oysters"

    "Bed of Snakes"

    "Bellowing of Bullfinches"

    "Bevy of Deer"

    "Bevy of Doves"

    "Bevy of Otter"

    "Bevy of Otters"

    "Bevy of Quail"

    "Bevy of Roedeer"

    "Bew of Partridges"

    "Bill of Ruffs"

    "Bind of Eels"

    "Bind of Salmon"

    "Blessing of Unicorns"

    "Bloat of Hippopotami"

    "Blush of Robins"

    "Bob of Seals"

    "Bouquet of Pheasants"

    "Brace of Bucks"

    "Brace of Grouse"

    "Brood of Chickens"

    "Brood of Chicks"

    "Brood of Hens"

    "Brood of Turkeys"

    "Building of Rooks"

    "Bunch of Pigeons"

    "Bury of Conies"

    "Bury of Rabbits"

    "Business of Ferrets"

    "Business of Flies"

    "Caravan of Camels"

    "Cartload of Chimpanzees"

    "Cast of Falcons"

    "Catch of Fish"

    "Cavalcade of Horsemen"

    "Cete of Badgers"

    "Chain of Bobolinks"

    "Charm of Finches"

    "Charm of Goldfinches"

    "Charm of Hummingbirds"

    "Chatter of Budgerigars"

    "Chattering of Choughs"

    "Chine of Polecats"

    "Circus of Puffins"

    "Clan of Hyenas"

    "Clattering of Jackdaws"

    "Clew of Worms"

    "Cloud of Gnats"

    "Cloud of Grasshoppers"

    "Cloud of sea fowl"

    "Cloud of Seafowl"

    "Clowder of Cats"

    "Cluster of Spiders"

    "Clutter of Starlings"

    "Coalition of Cheetahs"

    "Coil of Wigeon"

    "Colony of Avocets"

    "Colony of Bats"

    "Colony of Beavers"

    "Colony of Gulls"

    "Colony of Penguins"

    "Colony of Rats"

    "Colony of Vultures"

    "Company of Moles"

    "Company of Parrots"

    "Confusion of guinea fowl"

    "Congregation of Alligators"

    "Congregation of Birds"

    "Congregation of Plovers"

    "Congress of Baboons"

    "Conspiracy of Ravens"

    "Conventicle of Magpies"

    "Cornucopia of Slugs"

    "Corps of Giraffes"

    "Coterie of Prairiedogs"

    "Cover of Coots"

    "Covey of Ptarmigans"

    "Covey of Woodcock"

    "Cowardice of Curs"

    "Crash of Rhinoceri"

    "Cry of Dogs"

    "Cry of Hounds"

    "Deceit of Lapwings"

    "Descent of Woodpeckers"

    "Diving of Teal"

    "Doading of Sheldrakes"

    "Dole of turtle doves"

    "Down of Hares"

    "Down of Sheep"

    "Doyft of Swine"

    "Dray of Squirrels"

    "Drift of Bees"

    "Drift of Boars"

    "Drift of Hogs"

    "Drove of Bullocks"

    "Drove of Cattle"

    "Drove of Donkeys"

    "Drove of Goats"

    "Drove of Oxen"

    "Drove of Pigs"

    "Durante of Toucans"

    "Earth of Foxes"

    "Eleven of Cricketers"

    "Exultation of Skylarks"

    "Fall of Lambs"

    "Fall of Woodcocks"

    "Farrow of Piglets"

    "Field of Racehorses"

    "Flamboyance of Flamingoes"

    "Fleet of Bass"

    "Fleet of Ducklings"

    "Fleet of Mudhen"

    "Flight of Cormorants"

    "Flight of Dragons"

    "Flight of Goshawks"

    "Flight of Swallows"

    "Fling of Dunlins"

    "Fling of Oxbirds"

    "Fling of Sandpipers"

    "Flink of Cows"

    "Flock of Geese"

    "Flock of Seagulls"

    "Flock of Swifts"

    "Flotilla of Swordfish"

    "Flush of Mallards"

    "Fluther of Jellyfish"

    "Gam of Whales"

    "Gang of Elk"

    "Gaze of Raccoons"

    "Generation of Vipers"

    "Glide of Flyingfish"

    "Glint of Goldfish"

    "Group of Guineapigs"

    "Haras of Horses"

    "Hedge of Herons"

    "Herd of Antelope"

    "Herd of Boar"

    "Herd of Buffalo"

    "Herd of Buffaloes"

    "Herd of Caribou"

    "Herd of Chamois"

    "Herd of Chinchillas"

    "Herd of Cranes"

    "Herd of Curlews"

    "Herd of Elephants"

    "Herd of Gnus"

    "Herd of Llamas"

    "Herd of Moose"

    "Herd of Ponies"

    "Herd of Seahorses"

    "Herd of Walruses"

    "Herd of Wolves"

    "Herd of Wrens"

    "Herd of Yaks"

    "Herd of Zebras"

    "Horde of Crows"

    "Horde of Gerbils"

    "Horde of Hamsters"

    "Horde of Mice"

    "Host of Sparrows"

    "Hover of Trout"

    "Intrusion of Cockroaches"

    "Kaleidoscope of Butterflies"

    "Kendle of Kittens"

    "Knab of Toads"

    "Knob of Waterfowl"

    "Leap of Leopards"

    "Leash of Greyhounds"

    "Litter of Cubs"

    "Litter of Pups"

    "Litter of Whelps"

    "Lounge of Lizards"

    "Match of Nightingales"

    "Menagerie of Animals"

    "Mess of Iguanas"

    "Mews of Capons"

    "Mob of Emus"

    "Mob of Kangaroos"

    "Mob of Meerkats"

    "Mob of Wallabies"

    "Muster of Peacocks"

    "Muster of Storks"

    "Mutation of Thrushes"

    "Nest of Beakers"

    "Nest of Hornets"

    "Nest of Wasps"

    "Next of Bunnies"

    "Omniscience of Godwits"

    "Pack of Bears"

    "Pack of Mongooses"

    "Pack of Sharks"

    "Pack of Stoats"

    "Pack of Weasels"

    "Parliament of Owls"

    "Party of Rainbowfish"

    "Passel of Possums"

    "Piddle of Puppies"

    "Pint of Mussels"

    "Plague of Locusts"

    "Plump of Wildfowl"

    "Pod of Dolphins"

    "Pod of Pelicans"

    "Pod of Porpoises"

    "Pod of Whiting"

    "Pretence of Bitterns"

    "Prickle of Porcupines"

    "Pride of Lions"

    "Quiver of Cobras"

    "Radiance of Cardinals"

    "Raft of Auks"

    "Raft of Widgeon"

    "Rag of Colts"

    "Rhumba of Rattlesnakes"

    "Richesse of Martens"

    "Richness of Martins"

    "Rookery of Albatrosses"

    "Roost of Fowls"

    "Run of Poultry"

    "Rush of Pochards"

    "School of Butterflyfish"

    "School of Shark"

    "Scourge of Mosquitoes"

    "Shoal of Pilchards"

    "Shrewdness of Apes"

    "Skein of Goslings"

    "Spring of Teals"

    "Stand of Flamingo"

    "Stench of Skunks"

    "Stream of Minnows"

    "Stud of Mares"

    "Sute of Bloodhounds"

    "Swarm of Insects"

    "Toil of Peasants"

    "Tok of Capercailzies"

    "Trip of Dotterel"

    "Trip of Dotterels"

    "Troop of Dogfish"

    "Troupe of Shrimps"

    "Wake of Buzzards"

    "Walk of Snails"

    "Walk of Snipe"

    "Warren of Wombats"

    "Yap of Chihuahuas"

Animals are eukaryotic, multicellular organisms that form the biological kingdom Animalia.

With few exceptions, animals are motile (able to move), heterotrophic (consume organic material), reproduce sexually, and their embryonic development includes a blastula stage.

The body plan of the animal derives from this blastula, differentiating specialized tissues and organs as it develops; this plan eventually becomes fixed, although some undergo metamorphosis at some stage in their lives.


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