58 Collective Nouns Starting With T

    "Team of Athletes"

    "Team of Cattle"

    "Team of Dolphins"

    "Team of Ducks"

    "Team of Footballers"

    "Team of Geese"

    "Team of Horses"

    "Team of Oxen"

    "Team of Players"

    "Team of Seals"

    "Thought of Barons"

    "Threatening of Courtiers"

    "Thunder of Dragons"

    "Tiding of Magpies"

    "Tittering of Magpies"

    "Toil of Peasants"

    "Tok of Capercailzies"

    "Torment of Trainers"

    "Totter of Giraffes"

    "Tower of Giraffes"

    "Trace of Hares"

    "Trace of Rabbits"

    "Train of Jackdaws"

    "Trembling of Finches"

    "Tribe of Baboons"

    "Tribe of Goats"

    "Tribe of Monkeys"

    "Tribe of Natives"

    "Tribe of Sparrows"

    "Trimming of Finches"

    "Trip of Dotterel"

    "Trip of Dotterels"

    "Trip of Goats"

    "Trip of Hares"

    "Trip of Rabbits"

    "Trip of Sheep"

    "Trip of Wildfowl"

    "Troop of Apes"

    "Troop of Baboons"

    "Troop of Dancers"

    "Troop of Dogfish"

    "Troop of Horsemen"

    "Troop of Horses"

    "Troop of Kangaroos"

    "Troop of Lions"

    "Troop of Monkeys"

    "Troop of Mushrooms"

    "Troubling of Goldfinches"

    "Troupe of Dancers"

    "Troupe of Minstrels"

    "Troupe of Monkeys"

    "Troupe of Performers"

    "Troupe of Shrimps"

    "Truss of Hay"

    "Tuft of Grass"

    "Tumult of Tubas"

    "Turn of Turtles"

    "Twack of Ducks"

T (named tee ) is the 20th letter in the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

It is the most commonly used consonant and the second most common letter in English language texts.


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