Collective Nouns List

This web site is 100% dedicated to collective nouns.

By simply browsing around, you’ll find more than 900 collective noun examples.

Even though there are hundreds of collective nouns, they can be easily categorized into 3 major categories, Animals, People and Things.


The animals category includes lists of collective nouns for many popular animals like antsapes, beesfish, horses, lionsmonkeys, whales and wolves.

One of the biggest groups within the animals category is birds like crowsdoveseaglesgeesehawksowlsmagpiespheasantspigeonsravensswans & vultures.


The people category includes list of collective nouns for actors, angels, sailors, singers and tourists.


The things category includes list of collective nouns books, ships, stairs and trees.

One of the biggest groups withing the things category is fruits like bananas.


There are also collective noun pages for kids by grade level.

Children can certainly benefit from learning collective nouns.

Check out first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade and sixth grade.