Collective Nouns List

The collective noun definition is...

A noun that is singular in form but that denotes a group. Please play this short collective nouns video for more information.

How about some collective noun examples?

By simply browsing around, you’ll find more than 900 collective noun examples.

Even though there are hundreds of collective nouns, they can be easily categorized into 3 major categories, Animals, People and Things.

There are collective nouns for animals like birds, for example, a Flock of Birds.

There are collective nouns for people like a Cast of Actors.

There are collective nouns for things like fruits, for example, a Bunch of Grapes.

There are over 900 collective nouns!

That's a "bunch of collective nouns", right?

Ok, we have created many lists to make it easier to learn all of them.

We have collective nouns lists by starting letter from A to Z.

You'll also find answers to these questions. What is a group of crows called? What is a group of cats called? What is a group of turkeys called?

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