[48] Unraveling the Mystery: A Number of Collective Noun Examples Revealed!

A number of collective nouns with the word "number" are used to refer to groups or collections of living beings or objects. These nouns hold significance as they consolidate individuals together in unique ways, highlighting their collective nature and emphasizing joint actions, similarities, or relationships. Here are a few examples of collective noun phrases incorporating the word "number":

1. A "number of students" - used when talking about a specific quantifiable group of learners in an academic setting, such as a classroom or institution. It emphasizes the countable aspect and acknowledges their role as a collective body pursuing education.

2. "A number of employees" - used to describe a specific count or group of workers in an organization, company, or establishment. It indicates that these individuals are engaging in employment together, each contributing their efforts toward a common goal.

3. "A great number of birds" - refers to a substantial quantity of birds that are observed collectively in a particular vicinity or during migratory patterns. This phrase highlights the collective action, flying patterns, or flocking behavior exhibited by birds en masse.

4. "A number of vehicles" - used to describe an assortment of cars, trucks, or other means of transportation that can be collectively observed or found in a specific area or locale. This phrase recognizes and groups together these modes of transport, acknowledging their shared role in facilitating movement.

5. "A limited number of solutions" - indicates the existence of only a certain countable amount of possible answers or resolutions to a problem. It recognizes these alternatives as a collective range of possibilities offered for consideration or decisions to be made.

Overall, collective nouns utilizing the word "number" allow us to generalize or quantify groups of individuals or objects, capturing their collective presence, actions, or characteristics.


Number Of Animals

The collective noun phrase number of animals refers to a count or quantity of living creatures within a specific group, species, or set. It represents the combined total of individual animals that are considered together as a whole. This collective noun p...

Example sentence

"The number of animals in the zoo has been steadily decreasing over the years."


Number Of Answers

Number of Answers is a collective noun phrase used to refer to a numerical quantity of responses or solutions provided in regard to a specific question, problem, or inquiry. It portrays a quantitative measure representing the totality of choices or insigh...

Example sentence

"The number of answers provided on the website has surpassed our expectations."


Number Of Applicants

The collective noun phrase Number of Applicants refers to the quantification of individuals who have applied for an opportunity, such as a job, scholarship, or university program. It denotes the numerical count of individuals interested in a particular ap...

Example sentence

"The number of applicants for the job position was surprisingly high."


Number Of Artists

The collective noun phrase number of artists refers to a numerical count or quantity of individuals who engage in creative practices within various art forms. It represents a group or gathering of painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, actors, and other...

Example sentence

"The number of artists at the exhibition was impressive."


Number Of Athletes

Number of Athletes is a collective noun phrase that refers to a specific count or quantity of individuals engaged in various athletic disciplines or sports. It symbolizes a gathering or assemblage of several individuals who compete, train, and excel in th...

Example sentence

"The number of athletes participating in the Summer Olympics has been steadily increasing over the years."


Number Of Attendees

Number of Attendees is a collective noun phrase that refers to a quantifiable count or measurement of individuals present at a specific event, gathering, or occasion. It indicates the total sum or magnitude of people who have participated, convened, or ar...

Example sentence

"The number of attendees at the conference exceeded our expectations."


Number Of Books

A number of books is a collective noun phrase that refers to a multiple quantity or count of books collectively. It implies the presence or availability of several books, regardless of their specific genre, topic, or physical form. This phrase encompasses...

Example sentence

"The number of books on the shelf keeps growing."


Number Of Challenges

A number of challenges refers to a diverse set of difficult, complex, or daunting tasks or obstacles that one may face in various contexts or situations. This collective noun phrase is used to capture the quantity or abundance of challenges that are prese...

Example sentence

"The number of challenges faced by the team was overwhelming, but they persevered and eventually triumphed."


Number Of Citizens

Number of Citizens is a collective noun phrase that denotes the total count of individuals who consider a specific geographic area as their permanent place of residence and possess recognized legal rights and responsibilities within that jurisdiction. Thi...

Example sentence

"The number of citizens attending the town hall meeting surpassed expectations."


Number Of Digits

Number of Digits is a collective noun phrase that refers to the total count or quantity of digits in a particular context. It is used particularly in mathematics or when discussing numerical data. The phrase emphasizes the importance of recognizing and un...

Example sentence

"The number of digits on a human hand is five."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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