104 Collective Nouns For People

    "Ambush of Widows"

    "Argument of Architects"

    "Argument of Wizards"

    "Argumentation of Historians"

    "Army of Soldiers"

    "Assembly of Clergy"

    "Attack of Aliens"

    "Band of Men"

    "Band of Musicians"

    "Banner of Knights"

    "Bench of Bishops"

    "Bench of Judges"

    "Bench of Magistrates"

    "Bevy of Beauties"

    "Bevy of Ladies"

    "Bevy of Maidens"

    "Blush of Boys"

    "Board of Directors"

    "Bond of Women"

    "Book of Wagers"

    "Branch of Mormons"

    "Bubble of Divers"

    "Cast of Actors"

    "Charm of Fairies"

    "Choir of Angels"

    "Clashing of Economists"

    "Class of Students"

    "Clutch of Motorcyclists"

    "Colony of Lepers"

    "Communion of Saints"

    "Confab of Doctors"

    "Conflagration of Arsonists"

    "Confraternity of Smokers"

    "Congregation of People"

    "Congregation of Worshippers"

    "Converting of Preachers"

    "Cortege of Mourners"

    "Coven of Witches"

    "Crew of Sailors"

    "Crowd of Onlookers"

    "Descent of Relatives"

    "Disguising of Tailors"

    "Draught of Butlers"

    "Eleven of Footballers"

    "Equivocation of Politicians"

    "Faculty of Academics"

    "Fidget of Altarboys"

    "Field of Runners"

    "Fixie of Hipsters"

    "Flap of Nuns"

    "Flock of Tourists"

    "Fraunch of Millers"

    "Gang of Hoodlums"

    "Gang of Laborers"

    "Gang of Labourers"

    "Gang of Thieves"

    "Gathering of Clans"

    "Giggle of Girls"

    "Glitter of Generals"

    "Horde of Savages"

    "House of Senators"

    "Huddle of Lawyers"

    "Illusion of Painters"

    "Mass of Priests"

    "Melody of Harpers"

    "Multiply of Husbands"

    "Muscle of Marines"

    "Neverthriving of Jugglers"

    "Number of Mathematicians"

    "Obesiance of Servants"

    "Observance of Hermits"

    "Panel of Experts"

    "Pantheon of Gods"

    "Parel of Troops"

    "Ponder of Philosophers"

    "Pool of Typists"

    "Posse of Police"

    "Poverty of Pipers"

    "Prudence of Vicars"

    "Rayful of Knaves"

    "Royalty of Princesses"

    "Sarcasm of Stagehands"

    "Scatter of Ravers"

    "Sequitur of Logicians"

    "Shuffle of Bureaucrats"

    "Skulk of Friars"

    "Slate of Candidates"

    "Snatch of Pickpockets"

    "Squad of Players"

    "Staff of Employees"

    "Stalk of Foresters"

    "State of Princes"

    "Stick of Paratroopers"

    "Stock of Businessmen"

    "Team of Athletes"

    "Thought of Barons"

    "Threatening of Courtiers"

    "Torment of Trainers"

    "Tribe of Natives"

    "Troop of Dancers"

    "Troop of Horsemen"

    "Troupe of Minstrels"

    "Troupe of Performers"

    "Wisdom of Grandparents"

A people is a plurality of persons considered as a whole, as is the case with an ethnic group or nation.

Collectively, for example, the contemporary Frisians and Danes are two related Germanic peoples, while various Middle Eastern ethnic groups are often linguistically categorized as Semitic peoples.


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