[255] Mastering English Collective Nouns: Unraveling the Wonders of Group Examples

A collective noun refers to a collection or group of individuals or things. One commonly used collective noun is "group." A group can consist of any number of people, animals, or objects that come together for a specific purpose or have something in common.

Here are some examples of collective nouns using the word "group":

1. A group of friends: This refers to a collection of individuals who have a friendly and often social relationship. They may participate in activities together or simply enjoy each other's company.

2. A group of students: In an educational setting, this collective noun represents a gathering of students engaged in similar learning activities or belonging to a specific class or program.

3. A group of musicians: This refers to a number of people playing musical instruments together, often in orchestras or bands, creating harmonious sounds.

4. A group of colleagues: Commonly found in workplace settings, this collective noun indicates a collection of individuals connected by their shared profession, workplace, or organization.

5. A group of animals: This applies to a gathering of animals of the same or similar species. Examples include a group of lions, a group of migratory birds, or a group of dolphins.

6. A group of buildings: This denotes an architectural collection comprising various structures that are notably interconnected or share a common purpose or design style.

Collective nouns using the word "group" help to classify and identify specific assemblages of individuals or objects, conveying important information about their relationships or common characteristics. These terms facilitate clearer communication and offer a concise way to describe collective settings or highlight shared attributes among a set of entities.


Group Of Activewear

A group of activewear refers to a collection or assemblage of various sporty and fitness-oriented clothing typically worn during active pursuits or exercising. This inclusive term encapsulates a diverse range of apparel items specifically designed to prov...

Example sentence

"A group of activewear enthusiasts gathered at the park for a lively morning jog."


Group Of Adults

A group of adults refers to a gathering of individuals who have reached the age of maturity, typically ranging from their late twenties to their elder years. This collective noun phrase signifies that the individuals in question are no longer classified a...

Example sentence

"A group of adults gathered in the conference room to discuss the company's future plans."


Group Of Advocates

A group of advocates is a cohesive and determined assembly of highly skilled individuals, united in their shared purpose of advancing a specific cause or advocating for a particular ideology, policy, or principle. This particular collective noun phrase re...

Example sentence

"A group of advocates assembled at the courthouse to protest against the unjust law."


Group Of Aeroplanes

A group of aeroplanes refers to a gathering or collection of multiple aircraft. In military or aviation contexts, such a group is more commonly known as a squadron or flight. However, for general usage, a group of aeroplanes can be envisioned as a captiva...

Example sentence

"A group of aeroplanes flew in formation during the airshow, creating an impressive display of precision and skill."


Group Of Aliens

A group of aliens refers to a collection or assemblage of extraterrestrial beings from beyond our planet. This collective noun suggests an assortment of diverse alien species or individuals gathered together. The concept of a group of aliens often stems f...

Example sentence

"A group of aliens landed their spaceship in the clearing, causing a stir among the curious locals."


Group Of Anacondas

A group of anacondas, also known as a 'cluster of anacondas', is a visually powerful and awe-inspiring sight to behold. These enormous constrictor snakes, who are native to the swamps and riversides of South America, congregate together in a formidable ga...

Example sentence

"A group of anacondas slithered through the dense undergrowth of the Amazon rainforest, coiling their massive bodies with remarkable precision."


Group Of Anthropologists

A group of anthropologists refers to a collective noun phrase that encapsulates a gathering or assemblage of individuals who engage in the study of humanity and its various cultural aspects. These professionals, known as anthropologists, explore the diver...

Example sentence

"A group of anthropologists journeyed deep into the Amazon rainforest to study the indigenous tribes."


Group of Apes

A group of apes refers to a gathering of these highly intelligent, tree-dwelling primates. These remarkable animals naturally occur both in the wild and within social groupings in specialized animal reserves. Known for their keen problem-solving skills an...

Example sentence

"A group of apes swung through the treetops, their agile movements mesmerizing to watch."


Group Of Aphids

A group of aphids refers to a gathering or congregation of these small, soft-bodied insects belonging to the Aphidoidea family. These minuscule creatures, ranging in size from 1 to 10 millimeters, are commonly found in clusters on plants, feasting on thei...

Example sentence

"A group of aphids gathered on the underside of the leaf to feast on the plant sap."


Group Of Architects

A group of architects is an assembly of highly skilled professionals who specialize in the art and science of designing and constructing buildings and other structures. Blending expertise in aesthetics, functionality, and technical knowledge, this collect...

Example sentence

"A group of architects gathered in a conference hall to discuss the latest trends in sustainable design."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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