32 Collective Noun Examples For Sixth Graders

    "Aerie of Eagles"

    "Aerie of Hawks"

    "Agenda of Tasks"

    "Ambush of Tigers"

    "Argument of Wizards"

    "Army of Caterpillars"

    "Bank of Swans"

    "Banner of Knights"

    "Bed of Clams"

    "Bevy of Deer"

    "Bubble of Divers"

    "Clew of Worms"

    "Colony of Vultures"

    "Drove of Bunnies"

    "Family of Otter"

    "Festival of Balloons"

    "Fleet of Trucks"

    "Flink of Cows"

    "Flock of Camels"

    "Gang of Thieves"

    "Glory of Unicorns"

    "Leash of Bunnies"

    "Next of Bunnies"

    "Parcel of Penguins"

    "Pride of Peacocks"

    "Quiver of Arrows"

    "Raft of Puffins"

    "Run of Hens"

    "Scoop of Pelicans"

    "Swarm of Ants"

    "Troop of Kangaroos"

    "Wealth of Information"

Collective Nouns Quiz

10 Random Collective Nouns

Yap (1) Building (1) Round (2) Swirl (1) Dazzle (1) Dule (3) Wake (2) Rush (1) Atlas (1) Labour (1)