52 Collective Nouns Starting With R

    "Rabble of Butterflies"

    "Radiance of Cardinals"

    "Raffle of Turkeys"

    "Raft of Alligators"

    "Raft of Auks"

    "Raft of Coots"

    "Raft of Ducks"

    "Raft of Otter"

    "Raft of Penguins"

    "Raft of Puffins"

    "Raft of Widgeon"

    "Rafter of Turkeys"

    "Rag of Colts"

    "Rainbow of Butterflies"

    "Rake of Colts"

    "Rake of Mules"

    "Rangale of Deer"

    "Range of Mountains"

    "Rayful of Knaves"

    "Reliant of Robins"

    "Rhumba of Rattlesnakes"

    "Richesse of Martens"

    "Richness of Martins"

    "Ring of Keys"

    "Riot of Robins"

    "Roll of Coins"

    "Romp of Otters"

    "Rookery of Albatrosses"

    "Rookery of Penguins"

    "Rookery of Seals"

    "Roost of Fowls"

    "Roost of Pigeons"

    "Rope of Onions"

    "Rope of Pearls"

    "Rouge of Robins"

    "Rouleau of Coins"

    "Rouleau of Money"

    "Round of Drinks"

    "Round of Robins"

    "Rout of Knights"

    "Rout of Wolves"

    "Route of Wolves"

    "Royalty of Princesses"

    "Ruby of Robins"

    "Rumble of Artillery"

    "Rumpus of Baboons"

    "Run of Fish"

    "Run of Hens"

    "Run of Poultry"

    "Run of Salmon"

    "Run of Whales"

    "Rush of Pochards"

R (named ar/or ) is the 18th letter of the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet.


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