24 Collective Noun Examples

    "Army of Ants"

    "Band of Musicians"

    "Cartload of Monkeys"

    "Dopping of Ducks"

    "Exaltation of Larks"

    "Fleet of Ships"

    "Gift of Robins"

    "Herd of Cattle"

    "Illusion of Painters"

    "Knob of Seals"

    "Litter of Cats"

    "Mob of Crows"

    "Nest of Hornets"

    "Orchestra of Musicians"

    "Panel of Judges"

    "Quiver of Arrows"

    "Rookery of Seals"

    "School of Fish"

    "Troupe of Monkeys"

    "Unkindness of Ravens"

    "Volery of Birds"

    "Waddle of Penguins"

    "Yap of Chihuahuas"

    "Zeal of Zebras"

Collective Nouns Quiz

10 Random Collective Nouns

Quarrel (1) Shelf (1) Creche (1) Conventicle (1) Pride (2) Weight (1) Badelynge (1) Whiteness (1) Illusion (1) Unkindness (1)

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