31 Collective Nouns Starting With G

    "Gaggle of Geese"

    "Gaggle of Swans"

    "Galaxy of Starlets"

    "Galaxy of Stars"

    "Gam of Whales"

    "Gang of Elk"

    "Gang of Hoodlums"

    "Gang of Laborers"

    "Gang of Labourers"

    "Gang of Thieves"

    "Gargle of Swans"

    "Garland of Sonnets"

    "Gathering of Clans"

    "Gatling of Woodpeckers"

    "Gaze of Raccoons"

    "Generation of Vipers"

    "Gift of Robins"

    "Giggle of Girls"

    "Glaring of Cats"

    "Gleam of Herrings"

    "Glide of Flyingfish"

    "Glint of Goldfish"

    "Glitter of Generals"

    "Glory of Unicorns"

    "Grist of Bees"

    "Group of Guineapigs"

    "Group of Islands"

    "Group of People"

    "Grove of Trees"

    "Gulp of Magpies"

    "Gulp of Swallows"

G (named gee ) is the 7th letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.


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