47 Collective Nouns Starting With D

    "Dazzle of Zebras"

    "Deceit of Lapwings"

    "Deck of Sailors"

    "Descent of Relatives"

    "Descent of Woodpeckers"

    "Desert of Lapwings"

    "Destruction of Cats"

    "Dicker of Hides"

    "Disguising of Tailors"

    "Dissimulation of Birds"

    "Diving of Teal"

    "Division of Soldiers"

    "Doading of Sheldrakes"

    "Dole of Doves"

    "Dole of turtle doves"

    "Dole of Turtles"

    "Dopping of Ducks"

    "Dout of Cats"

    "Down of Hares"

    "Down of Rabbits"

    "Down of Sheep"

    "Doyft of Swine"

    "Draught of Butlers"

    "Draught of Fish"

    "Dray of Squirrels"

    "Drift of Bees"

    "Drift of Boars"

    "Drift of Hogs"

    "Drift of Swans"

    "Drift of Swine"

    "Dropping of Pigeons"

    "Drove of Bullocks"

    "Drove of Bunnies"

    "Drove of Cattle"

    "Drove of Donkeys"

    "Drove of Goats"

    "Drove of Hares"

    "Drove of Mules"

    "Drove of Oxen"

    "Drove of Pigs"

    "Drove of Rabbits"

    "Drove of Sheep"

    "Drum of Goldfinches"

    "Dule of Doves"

    "Dule of Turkeys"

    "Dule of Turtles"

    "Durante of Toucans"

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D (named dee ) is the fourth letter of the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet.


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