34 Collective Nouns Starting With M

    "Machination of Monkeys"

    "Marvel of Unicorns"

    "Mask of Raccoons"

    "Mass of Priests"

    "Match of Nightingales"

    "Melody of Harpers"

    "Memory of Elephants"

    "Menagerie of Animals"

    "Mess of Grits"

    "Mess of Iguanas"

    "Mews of Capons"

    "Mischief of Mice"

    "Mischief of Rats"

    "Mob of Crows"

    "Mob of Emus"

    "Mob of Kangaroos"

    "Mob of Meerkats"

    "Mob of Sheep"

    "Mob of Thieves"

    "Mob of Wallabies"

    "Mouthful of Worms"

    "Movement of Moles"

    "Multiply of Husbands"

    "Murder of Crows"

    "Murder of Magpies"

    "Murmuration of Starlings"

    "Muscle of Marines"

    "Muster of Crows"

    "Muster of Peacocks"

    "Muster of Soldiers"

    "Muster of Storks"

    "Mustering of Storks"

    "Mutation of Thrushes"

    "Mute of Hounds"

M (named em ) is the thirteenth letter of the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet.


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