91 Collective Nouns Starting With P

    "Pace of Donkeys"

    "Pace of Mules"

    "Pack of Bears"

    "Pack of Cards"

    "Pack of Coyotes"

    "Pack of Dogs"

    "Pack of Grouse"

    "Pack of Gulls"

    "Pack of Hounds"

    "Pack of Mongooses"

    "Pack of Mules"

    "Pack of Rats"

    "Pack of Sharks"

    "Pack of Stoats"

    "Pack of Weasels"

    "Pack of Wolves"

    "Paddling of Ducks"

    "Pandemonium of Parrots"

    "Panel of Experts"

    "Panel of Judges"

    "Panes of Glass"

    "Pantheon of Gods"

    "Pantheon of Godwits"

    "Parade of Elephants"

    "Parade of Penguins"

    "Parcel of Crows"

    "Parcel of Deer"

    "Parcel of Hogs"

    "Parcel of Penguins"

    "Parel of Troops"

    "Park of Artillery"

    "Park of Cars"

    "Parliament of Crows"

    "Parliament of Owls"

    "Parliament of Ptarmigans"

    "Parliament of Rooks"

    "Party of Jays"

    "Party of Rainbowfish"

    "Passel of Hogs"

    "Passel of Possums"

    "Peal of Bells"

    "Peep of Chickens"

    "Phalanx of Storks"

    "Piddle of Puppies"

    "Pile of Books"

    "Pile of Rubbish"

    "Pinhead of Angels"

    "Pint of Mussels"

    "Pit of Snakes"

    "Piteousness of Doves"

    "Pitying of Doves"

    "Pitying of turtle doves"

    "Plague of Locusts"

    "Plague of Rats"

    "Platoon of Soldiers"

    "Plump of Ducks"

    "Plump of Geese"

    "Plump of Seals"

    "Plump of Waterfowl"

    "Plump of Wildfowl"

    "Plump of Woodcock"

    "Pocket of Hops"

    "Pocket of Oranges"

    "Pod of Dolphins"

    "Pod of Peas"

    "Pod of Pelicans"

    "Pod of Porpoises"

    "Pod of Seals"

    "Pod of Walruses"

    "Pod of Whales"

    "Pod of Whiting"

    "Ponder of Philosophers"

    "Pontification of Preachers"

    "Pontification of Priests"

    "Pool of Typists"

    "Posse of Police"

    "Pounce of Cats"

    "Poverty of Pipers"

    "Prattle of Parrots"

    "Prayer of Godwits"

    "Pretence of Bitterns"

    "Prettying of Doves"

    "Prickle of Hedgehogs"

    "Prickle of Porcupines"

    "Pride of Lions"

    "Pride of Peacocks"

    "Prudence of Vicars"

    "Puddling of Mallards"

    "Pump of Ducks"

    "Punnet of Strawberries"

    "Purse of Winnings"

P (named pee ) is the 16th letter of the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet.


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