6 Collective Noun Examples With "Plump"

    "Plump of Ducks"

    "Plump of Geese"

    "Plump of Seals"

    "Plump of Waterfowl"

    "Plump of Wildfowl"

    "Plump of Woodcock"

Definition: make fat or plump

Synonyms: fat,fatten,fatten out,fatten up,fill out,flesh out,plump out

Related: alter,modify,change

Definition: set (something or oneself) down with or as if with a noise

Synonyms: flump,plank,plonk,plop,plump down,plunk,plunk down

Related: place down,put down,set down

Definition: drop sharply

Synonyms: plummet

Related: drop

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