(91) Collective Nouns Starting With P!

Check out this list of collective nouns that start with the letter P.

P... 91

  1. Pace of Donkeys
  2. Pace of Mules
  3. Pack of Bears
  4. Pack of Cards
  5. Pack of Coyotes
  6. Pack of Dogs
  7. Pack of Grouse
  8. Pack of Gulls
  9. Pack of Hounds
  10. Pack of Mongooses
  11. Pack of Mules
  12. Pack of Rats
  13. Pack of Sharks
  14. Pack of Stoats
  15. Pack of Weasels
  16. Pack of Wolves
  17. Paddling of Ducks
  18. Pandemonium of Parrots
  19. Panel of Experts
  20. Panel of Judges
  21. Panes of Glass
  22. Pantheon of Gods
  23. Pantheon of Godwits
  24. Parade of Elephants
  25. Parade of Penguins
  26. Parcel of Crows
  27. Parcel of Deer
  28. Parcel of Hogs
  29. Parcel of Penguins
  30. Parel of Troops
  31. Park of Artillery
  32. Park of Cars
  33. Parliament of Crows
  34. Parliament of Owls
  35. Parliament of Ptarmigans
  36. Parliament of Rooks
  37. Party of Jays
  38. Party of Rainbowfish
  39. Passel of Hogs
  40. Passel of Possums
  41. Peal of Bells
  42. Peep of Chickens
  43. Phalanx of Storks
  44. Piddle of Puppies
  45. Pile of Books
  46. Pile of Rubbish
  47. Pinhead of Angels
  48. Pint of Mussels
  49. Pit of Snakes
  50. Piteousness of Doves
  51. Pitying of Doves
  52. Pitying of turtle doves
  53. Plague of Locusts
  54. Plague of Rats
  55. Platoon of Soldiers
  56. Plump of Ducks
  57. Plump of Geese
  58. Plump of Seals
  59. Plump of Waterfowl
  60. Plump of Wildfowl
  61. Plump of Woodcock
  62. Pocket of Hops
  63. Pocket of Oranges
  64. Pod of Dolphins
  65. Pod of Peas
  66. Pod of Pelicans
  67. Pod of Porpoises
  68. Pod of Seals
  69. Pod of Walruses
  70. Pod of Whales
  71. Pod of Whiting
  72. Ponder of Philosophers
  73. Pontification of Preachers
  74. Pontification of Priests
  75. Pool of Typists
  76. Posse of Police
  77. Pounce of Cats
  78. Poverty of Pipers
  79. Prattle of Parrots
  80. Prayer of Godwits
  81. Pretence of Bitterns
  82. Prettying of Doves
  83. Prickle of Hedgehogs
  84. Prickle of Porcupines
  85. Pride of Lions
  86. Pride of Peacocks
  87. Prudence of Vicars
  88. Puddling of Mallards
  89. Pump of Ducks
  90. Punnet of Strawberries
  91. Purse of Winnings

P... 91

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