14 Collective Noun Examples With "Pack"

    "Pack of Bears"

    "Pack of Cards"

    "Pack of Coyotes"

    "Pack of Dogs"

    "Pack of Grouse"

    "Pack of Gulls"

    "Pack of Hounds"

    "Pack of Mongooses"

    "Pack of Mules"

    "Pack of Rats"

    "Pack of Sharks"

    "Pack of Stoats"

    "Pack of Weasels"

    "Pack of Wolves"

Definition: press down tightly

Synonyms: tamp,tamp down

Related: compress,compact,pack together

Definition: a cream that cleanses and tones the skin

Synonyms: face pack

Related: corrective,restorative

Definition: an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose

Synonyms: camp,clique,coterie,ingroup,inner circle

Related: set,band,circle,lot

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