[88] A Crowded Collection: Exploring Collective Nouns Through the Lens of the Crowd

A collective noun is a term used to describe a group of objects, people, or animals as a singular unit. One such collective noun is "crowd," which refers to a large group of people gathered in a specific place or for a particular purpose. A crowd can vary in size, ranging from a small gathering to a massive assemblage. The word "crowd" is versatile and can describe diverse situations. For instance, a sports event may bring together an enthusiastic crowd of spectators, cheering and supporting their favorite teams. Similarly, a protest or demonstration can gather a protesting crowd, united by common interests or causes. Crowds can also form during public celebrations, parades, concerts, or festivals, as people come together to enjoy performances or shared activities. The energy and vibrancy inherent in a crowd result from the collective emotions, interactions, and movements of its individuals. In informal conversations, people often exchange experiences about "being in the crowd" or "getting lost in the crowd," alluding to the distinct sense of being part of a larger entity. Overall, the collective noun "crowd" symbolizes togetherness, which showcases the power of human connection and unity in shared experiences.


Chatter Of Crowd

A chatter of crowd refers to a group of diverse individuals engaged in animated conversations, creating a lively and bustling atmosphere. The collective noun phrase chatter vividly captures the verbal buzz, expressed through overlapping voices, excited ex...

Example sentence

"As the doors to the stadium opened, a chatter of crowd greeted the awaiting fans."


Crowd Of Adults

A crowd of adults refers to a large gathering or assembly made up primarily or exclusively of mature individuals. This collective noun phrase describes a congregation of grown-ups who have come together for various purposes, such as socializing, attending...

Example sentence

"A crowd of adults gathered outside the concert hall, eagerly awaiting the doors to open."


Crowd Of Badgers

A crowd of badgers refers to a gathering or collection of these remarkable mammals. It portrays an image of sheer enchantment and fascination, as a multitude of active, social badgers come together in a harmonious group. These exceptional creatures, known...

Example sentence

"As dusk settled, a crowd of badgers emerged from their burrows, ready to embark on their nightly foraging."


Crowd Of Beachgoers

A crowd of beachgoers refers to a lively and dynamic group of people congregating on a beach. It portrays a scene where numerous individuals, from diverse walks of life, come together in pursuit of relaxation, fun, and enjoyment by the seaside. This bustl...

Example sentence

"The crowd of beachgoers slowly made their way down to the water's edge, carrying colorful umbrellas and beach chairs."


Crowd Of Beavers

A crowd of beavers refers to a grouping or assembly of these industrious and iconic semiaquatic rodents. Beavers are known for their remarkable ability to construct complex dams and lodges in water bodies, often altering entire ecosystems in the process. ...

Example sentence

"A crowd of beavers was busily building a dam across the river, their coordinated efforts creating an impressive structure."


Crowd Of Boats

A crowd of boats refers to a bustling gathering or congregation of vessels, often found in harbors, marinas, rivers, or any expanse of water where boats congregate. The image presents a vibrant scene that combines diverse styles, sizes, and types of boats...

Example sentence

"The crowded harbor was a spectacle with a crowd of boats bobbing in the water."


Crowd Of Boys

A crowd of boys is a captivating sight filled with the vibrant energy and animated enthusiasm that only young individuals exude. United by their exuberant nature and youthful spirit, this collective noun phrase encapsulates a group of boys engaging in var...

Example sentence

"In the park, a crowd of boys gathered around the skate ramp, eagerly watching one skilled skater perform tricks."


Crowd Of Brothers

A crowd of brothers is a poetic and descriptive collective noun phrase used to refer to a large gathering or assembly primarily consisting of male siblings. Emphasizing the shared bond of brotherhood, this phrase conveys a sense of unity, solidarity and f...

Example sentence

"The crowd of brothers cheered as their favorite team scored a touchdown."


Crowd Of Bunnies

A crowd of bunnies is a charming collective noun phrase that evokes a delightful image of a gathering of these adorable, furry creatures. Capturing the essence of soft innocence and playful curiosity, a crowd of bunnies represents a plethora of small and ...

Example sentence

"The crowd of bunnies scampered across the meadow, their fluffy tails bouncing with each leap."


Crowd Of Camels

A crowd of camels refers to a group of these iconic desert-dwelling mammals congregating together in a particular location. This collective noun phrase captures the captivating image of multiple camels standing or walking closely together, creating an awe...

Example sentence

"A crowd of camels slowly made their way across the vast desert, their humps swaying with each step."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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