8 Collective Nouns For Crows

    "Horde of Crows"

    "Hover of Crows"

    "Mob of Crows"

    "Murder of Crows"

    "Muster of Crows"

    "Parcel of Crows"

    "Parliament of Crows"

    "Storytelling of Crows"

A crow is a bird of the genus Corvus, or more broadly as a synonym for all of Corvus.

The term "crow" is used as part of the common name of many species.

Species with the word "crow" in their common name include: Corvus albus – pied crow (Central African coasts to southern Africa) Corvus bennetti – little crow (Australia) Corvus brachyrhynchos – American crow (United States, southern Canada, northern Mexico) Corvus capensis – Cape crow or Cape rook (Eastern and southern Africa) Corvus caurinus – northwestern crow (Olympic peninsula to southwest Alaska) Corvus cornix – hooded crow (Northern and Eastern Europe and Northern Africa) Corvus corone – carrion crow (Europe and eastern Asia) Corvus edithae – Somali crow (eastern Africa) Corvus enca – slender-billed crow (Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia) Corvus florensis – Flores crow (Flores Island) Corvus fuscicapillus – brown-headed crow (New Guinea) Corvus hawaiiensis (formerly C.


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