[73] The Art of Language: Exploring Collective Nouns with a Batch of Examples

A batch is a term often used to refer to a collection or group of things that are similar or connected in some way. In the realm of collective nouns, a batch can represent various examples, showcasing the diverse range of its applications. For instance, in a culinary context, a batch of cookies or a batch of bread refers to a single production of these items, usually made simultaneously or in one round. Similarly, in the field of chemistry or brewing, a batch of chemicals or a batch of beer signifies a specific quantity of these substances produced together, adhering to the same exact specifications and formula.

Beyond these tangible products, a batch can also embody intangible or abstract concepts. In the technology domain, a batch of data typically refers to a specific set or group of information, usually processed or analyzed together. This could be information entered or updated during a specific timeframe or gathered based on particular criteria. A batch of emails similarly represents a collection of emails that are handled or sent together, often automated for increased efficiency.

Nevertheless, the term batch extends beyond just material goods or data points. It can even encompass a group of individuals or organisms that share common characteristics. For example, a batch of students can refer to a cohort or class that begins and progresses through an educational program together. Similarly, a batch of seeds may denote a collective group sown or planted at the same time or in an allocated area.

In summary, the word batch serves as a versatile and flexible collective noun that finds use in various domains. Whether representing a group of tangible objects, an assemblage of information, or even a collection of individuals, it eloquently captures the essence of collaboration, uniformity, and interconnectedness in different contexts.


Batch Of Activewear

A batch of activewear refers to a collection or group of athletic clothing and accessories specifically designed for physical activities and active lifestyles. This noun phrase encompasses various garments and gear such as workout tops, pants, shorts, leg...

Example sentence

"I purchased a brand new batch of activewear for my yoga class."


Batch Of Beans

A batch of beans refers to a grouping or collection of beans, usually of the same variety or at the same stage of preparation. The term batch implies a quantity or portion of beans that are being processed, cooked, or prepared together. This collectively ...

Example sentence

"I just cooked a savory batch of beans with garlic and herbs."


Batch Of Bombs

A batch of bombs refers to a specific collection or group of explosive devices that are produced or arranged together for a particular purpose. The term batch implies that multiple bombs have been created or assembled in a synchronized manner, suggesting ...

Example sentence

"The authorities were alerted when a batch of bombs was found hidden in a storage container."


Batch of Bread

A batch of bread refers to a collection or group of freshly baked bread loaves that have been prepared and baked together in the same session. This phrase is often used to depict the process of bread making, particularly in commercial or large-scale produ...

Example sentence

"The bakery produces a fresh batch of bread every morning."


Batch Of Burdens

A batch of burdens is a unique and surprisingly mystifying grouping of troubles, worries, or heavy loads. As a collective noun phrase, it conveys the essence of numerous challenging situations or issues, amalgamated together in a potent blend. Each elemen...

Example sentence

"The organization received a batch of burdens during the pandemic, needing to address them urgently."


Batch Of Candidates

A batch of candidates represents a group or collection of individuals who are being considered for a specific position, role, or opportunity. These candidates often share similar qualifications, competencies, or background, making them suitable contenders...

Example sentence

"A batch of candidates arrived at the company's headquarters for their final interview rounds."


Batch Of Cats

A batch of cats refers to a group or collection of cats gathered together in one location or under a certain circumstance. This collective noun phrase describes a specific quantity or assortment of feline companions, highlighting their collective, often m...

Example sentence

"I saw a batch of cats roaming around the neighborhood, each with their own distinct personalities."


Batch Of Chicks

A batch of chicks refers to a gathering or assembly of young female birds, particularly those of the chicken species or other domesticated fowls. This collective noun phrase is commonly used when describing a large group of baby chicks or newly-hatched po...

Example sentence

"The farmer brought in a batch of chicks to the Henhouse."


Batch Of Clothes

A batch of clothes refers to a grouped or arranged collection of various garments that are assembled or organized together typically for a specific purpose. It can typically consist of a range of items such as shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, sweaters, or ...

Example sentence

"I need to wash a whole batch of clothes after a long vacation."


Batch Of Collective Nouns

A batch of collective nouns refers to a group or collection of these unique linguistic constructs used to describe a collective group of people, animals, or things. Collective nouns, also known as noun markers or terms of venery, add color and specificity...

Example sentence

"Here is an example sentence using the collective noun phrase batch of collective nouns: 1."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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