[30] Unraveling the Quirkiness: A Fascinating Guide to Collective Nouns for People

Collective nouns for persons areused to refer to a group of individuals of the same profession, occupation, or similar traits. These unique and interesting nouns are used to express a collective identity or categorize a specific group.

1. An Ensemble of Actors: This collective noun refers to a group of talented individuals who come together to perform in plays, films, or any theatrical production. Their collective efforts create memorable performances on stage and screen.

2. A board of Directors: Often found in corporate settings, a board of directors is a group of individuals responsible for governing and making key decisions for an organization or company. They provide guidance, expertise, and strategic leadership to steer the company towards success.

3. A band of Musicians: This collective noun is used to describe a group of musicians who play together, creating harmonious melodies and enchanting rhythms. Whether they are a famous rock band or an orchestra, their cooperation and collaboration produce beautiful music.

4. A Crew of Sailors: Typically associated with seafaring and maritime activities, a crew of sailors consists of the individuals who work together on a ship. They coordinate their efforts, such as navigating, operating the sails, and maintaining the vessel, to ensure smooth sailing.

5. A Squad of Athletes: Referring to a group of individuals engaged in various sports, a squad typically trains and competes together. Be it a basketball team, soccer players, or a group of tennis professionals, their combined skills and teamwork make for exciting sporting events.

6. A Troop of Scouts: This collective noun represents a group of individuals involved in scouting or outdoor activities. It could signify boy or girl scouts, adventurers, or hikers united through shared interests and objectives. Working together, they learn valuable skills and cultivate a strong sense of camaraderie.

7. A Faculty of Teachers: Widely used in educational settings, a faculty refers to the collective of teachers within a school or institution. They are responsible for guiding and educating students, sharing their knowledge and expertise to foster learning and development.

8. A choir of Singers: This noun encompasses a group of individuals who possess the gift of song. Gathers at concerts, religious ceremonies, or other musical events, their collective voices create harmonies, choruses, and melodic beauty.

In summary, collective nouns for persons provide a way to categorize and describe groups of individuals from various professions and endeavors. Each noun captures the essence of collaboration, unity, and collective effort, emphasizing the importance


Assembly Of Persons

An assembly of persons refers to a gathering or group of individuals coming together to engage in a common purpose or activity. This collective noun phrase implies a sense of collaboration and unity, as people assemble to collectively pursue a specific ob...

Example sentence

"An assembly of persons gathered in the town square to discuss the proposed renovations for the community park."


Audience Of Persons

An audience of persons refers to a group of individuals gathered together to observe or partake in a specific event, show, performance, or presentation. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the presence of people who are actively engaged in watching, li...

Example sentence

"The audience of persons eagerly awaited the start of the concert, buzzing with anticipation."


Band Of Persons

A Band of Persons is a collective noun phrase used to describe a group of individuals who have come together for a specific purpose, sharing common interests or goals. This phrase emphasizes the sense of solidarity among these people, highlighting their ...

Example sentence

"A band of persons marched through the street, each member wearing colorful costumes and playing lively music."


Battalion Of Persons

A battalion of persons refers to a specifically formed group of individuals who come together with a shared purpose, governed by discipline, and organized into sub-units or individual teams to accomplish a larger objective. The term battalion typically co...

Example sentence

"The battalion of persons marched in perfect synchronization as they conducted their military exercise."


Brigade Of Persons

Brigade of Persons is a unique collective noun phrase, reflecting an assemblage of individuals who are bound together by a common purpose or mission. It represents a distinctive group dynamic, characterized by a shared passion, dedication, and unwavering ...

Example sentence

"A brigade of persons assembled at the town square to protest against the government's decision."


Bunch Of Persons

A bunch of persons refers to a gathering or group of people who come together for a common purpose or are seen as a unit. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the somewhat informal nature of the group and the notion that these individuals are linked tog...

Example sentence

"A bunch of persons gathered at the town square to protest against the new law."


Clan Of Persons

A collective noun phrase, Clan of Persons, describes a distinct and close-knit group of individuals who are connected through familial bonds, traditions, or common ancestry. This phrase highlights the intergenerational relationships, shared heritage, and ...

Example sentence

"The clan of persons gathered around the campfire, sharing stories and reflecting on their shared heritage."


Cohort Of Persons

A cohort of persons refers to a specific and defined group of individuals who share certain characteristics or experiences. The term cohort denotes a group of people bound together by a common factor, such as age, occupation, education, or social backgrou...

Example sentence

"The cohort of persons attending the conference was composed of professionals from various industries."


Committee Of Persons

A Committee of Persons refers to a group or assembly of individuals who come together to collaborate, discuss, and make decisions on a specific topic, project, or purpose. This collective noun phrase signifies a democratic and representative body formed b...

Example sentence

"The Committee of Persons met yesterday to discuss the upcoming project."


Company Of Persons

A company of persons refers to a group of individuals assembled or united together for a specific purpose, such as business, corporate engagements, social events, or even military endeavors. It represents an organized and cohesive gathering of people navi...

Example sentence

"The company of persons gathered together to discuss their strategies and goals for the upcoming year."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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