Collective Noun Example
Cache of Jewels
Cache of Weapons
Caravan of Camels
Carol of Robins
Cartload of Chimpanzees
Cartload of Monkeys
Cast of Actors
Cast of Falcons
Cast of Hawks
Caste of flower-pots
Catch of collective nouns
Catch of Fish
Cavalcade of Horsemen
Cete of Badgers
Chain of Bobolinks
Chain of Events
Chain of Islands
Chain of Matches
Charm of Fairies
Charm of Finches
Charm of Goldfinches
Charm of Hummingbirds
Charm of Magpies
Chatter of Budgerigars
Chattering of Chicks
Chattering of Choughs
Chattering of Goldfinches
Chest of Drawers
Chine of Polecats
Chirm of Goldfinches
Choir of Angels
Chorus of Angels
Circus of Puffins
Clamour of Rooks
Clan of Hyenas
Clash of Bucks
Clashing of Economists
Class of Students
Clattering of Choughs
Clattering of Jackdaws
Clew of Worms
Cloud of Gnats
Cloud of Grasshoppers
Cloud of sea fowl
Cloud of Seafowl
Clowder of Cats
Cluck of Chickens
Clump of Reeds
Clump of Trees
Cluster of Bombs
Cluster of Cats
Cluster of Computers
Cluster of Grapes
Cluster of Grasshoppers
Cluster of Spiders
Cluster of Stars
Clutch of Chicks
Clutch of Eggs
Clutch of Motorcyclists
Clutter of Cats
Clutter of Spiders
Clutter of Starlings
Coalition of Cheetahs
Cohort of Zebras
Coil of Wigeon
Collection of Objects
Collective of Nouns
Colony of Ants
Colony of Avocets
Colony of Badgers
Colony of Bats
Colony of Beavers
Colony of Frogs
Colony of Fungus
Colony of Gulls
Colony of Lepers
Colony of Penguins
Colony of Puffins
Colony of Rabbits
Colony of Rats
Colony of Seals
Colony of Vultures
Communion of Saints
Company of Actors
Company of Moles
Company of Parrots
Company of Soldiers
Company of Wigeon
Condescension of Actors
Confab of Doctors
Conflagration of Arsonists
Confraternity of Smokers
Confusion of Architects
Confusion of guinea fowl
Congregation of Alligators
Congregation of Birds
Congregation of Crocodiles
Congregation of Magpies
Congregation of People
Congregation of Plovers
Congregation of Worshippers
Congress of Baboons
Congress of Eagles
Conspiracy of Ravens
Constellation of Stars
Conventicle of Magpies
Converting of Preachers
Convocation of Eagles
Convoy of Lorries
Convoy of Trucks
Copse of Trees
Cornucopia of Slugs
Corps of Giraffes
Cortege of Mourners
Cote of Doves
Coterie of Prairiedogs
Coven of Witches
Cover of Coots
Covert of Coots
Covey of Grouse
Covey of Partridges
Covey of Pheasants
Covey of Ptarmigans
Covey of Quail
Covey of Woodcock
Cowardice of Curs
Cowardice of Dogs
Cran of Herrings
Crash of Hippopotami
Crash of Rhinoceri
Crash of Seals
Creche of Penguins
Crew of Sailors
Crowd of Onlookers
Crowd of People
Cry of Actors
Cry of Dogs
Cry of Hounds
Culture of Bacteria
Collective Noun Example

C is the third letter in the English alphabet and a letter of the alphabets of many other writing systems which inherited it from the Latin alphabet.

It is also the third letter of the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

It is named cee (pronounced ) in English.


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