Collective Nouns Starting With D!

Check out this list of collective nouns that start with the letter D.

D 47

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Collective Noun Noun Category
Dazzle Zebras Animals
Deceit Lapwings Animals
Deck Sailors People
Descent Relatives People
Descent Woodpeckers Animals
Desert Lapwings Animals
Destruction Cats Animals
Dicker Hides Things
Disguising Tailors People
Dissimulation Birds Animals
Diving Teal Animals
Division Soldiers People
Doading Sheldrakes Animals
Dole Doves Animals
Dole turtle doves Animals
Dole Turtles Animals
Dopping Ducks AnimalsExamples
Dout Cats Animals
Down Hares Animals
Down Rabbits Animals
Down Sheep Animals
Doyft Swine Animals
Draught Butlers People
Draught Fish Animals
Dray Squirrels Animals
Drift Bees Animals
Drift Boars Animals
Drift Hogs Animals
Drift Swans Animals
Drift Swine Animals
Dropping Pigeons Animals
Drove Bullocks Animals
Drove Bunnies AnimalsSixth-Grade
Drove Cattle Animals
Drove Donkeys Animals
Drove Goats Animals
Drove Hares Animals
Drove Mules Animals
Drove Oxen AnimalsFifth-Grade
Drove Pigs Animals
Drove Rabbits Animals
Drove Sheep Animals
Drum Goldfinches Animals
Dule Doves Animals
Dule Turkeys Animals
Dule Turtles Animals
Durante Toucans Animals
Collective Noun Noun Category

D 47

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D (named dee ) is the fourth letter of the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet....


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