(90) Collective Nouns Starting With B!

Check out this list of collective nouns that start with the letter B.

B... 90

  1. Badelynge of Ducks
  2. Badling of Ducks
  3. Bag of Game
  4. Bale of Turtles
  5. Band of Apes
  6. Band of Coyotes
  7. Band of Gorillas
  8. Band of Jays
  9. Band of Men
  10. Band of Musicians
  11. Band of Soldiers
  12. Bank of Batteries
  13. Bank of Circuits
  14. Bank of Monitors
  15. Bank of Swans
  16. Banner of Knights
  17. Barrel of Laughs
  18. Barrel of Monkeys
  19. Barren of Mules
  20. Bask of Crocodiles
  21. Basket of Plums
  22. Batallion of Soldiers
  23. Batch of Bread
  24. Battery of Artillery
  25. Battery of Barracuda
  26. Bazaar of Guillemots
  27. Bed of Clams
  28. Bed of Flowers
  29. Bed of Oysters
  30. Bed of Snakes
  31. Bellowing of Bullfinches
  32. Belt of Asteroids
  33. Bench of Bishops
  34. Bench of Judges
  35. Bench of Magistrates
  36. Bevy of Beauties
  37. Bevy of Deer
  38. Bevy of Doves
  39. Bevy of Ladies
  40. Bevy of Larks
  41. Bevy of Maidens
  42. Bevy of Otter
  43. Bevy of Otters
  44. Bevy of Quail
  45. Bevy of Roedeer
  46. Bevy of Swans
  47. Bew of Partridges
  48. Bill of Ruffs
  49. Bind of Eels
  50. Bind of Salmon
  51. Bits of Information
  52. Blessing of Unicorns
  53. Bloat of Hippopotami
  54. Blush of Boys
  55. Blush of Robins
  56. Board of Directors
  57. Bob of Seals
  58. Bobbin of Robins
  59. Boil of Hawks
  60. Bond of Women
  61. Book of Wagers
  62. Bouquet of Flowers
  63. Bouquet of Pheasants
  64. Bowl of Flour
  65. Brace of Bucks
  66. Brace of Ducks
  67. Brace of Grouse
  68. Brace of Pheasants
  69. Branch of Mormons
  70. Breast of Robins
  71. Brigade of Soldiers
  72. Brood of Chickens
  73. Brood of Chicks
  74. Brood of Grouse
  75. Brood of Hens
  76. Brood of Turkeys
  77. Bubble of Divers
  78. Budget of Papers
  79. Building of Rooks
  80. Bunch of Bananas
  81. Bunch of Flowers
  82. Bunch of Grapes
  83. Bunch of Keys
  84. Bunch of Pigeons
  85. Bunch of Seals
  86. Bundle of Asparagus
  87. Bury of Conies
  88. Bury of Rabbits
  89. Business of Ferrets
  90. Business of Flies

B... 90

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