Collective Nouns Starting With W!

Check out this list of collective nouns that start with the letter W.

W 27

Collective Noun Noun Category
Wad Bills ThingsThird-Grade
Wad Money ThingsFourth-Grade
Waddle Penguins AnimalsSecond-GradeExamples
Wake Buzzards Animals
Wake Vultures Animals
Walk Snails AnimalsFourth-Grade
Walk Snipe Animals
Warren Hares Animals
Warren Rabbits Animals
Warren Wombats Animals
Watch Nightingales Animals
Wealth Information ThingsSixth-Grade
Wedge Geese Animals
Wedge Swans Animals
Weight Albatrosses Animals
Weyr Dragons Animals
Wheel Puffins Animals
Whiteness Swans Animals
Whoop Gorillas Animals
Wing Dragons Animals
Wing Plovers Animals
Wisdom Grandparents People
Wisdom Owls AnimalsFifth-Grade
Wisp Snipe Animals
Wolfpack Submarines Things
Wonder Stars Things
Wrack Rabbits Animals
Collective Noun Noun Category

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W (named double-u, plural double-ues) is the 23rd letter of the modern English and ISO basic Latin alphabets....


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