[47] The Fleet Takes to the Skies: Exploring Collective Nouns for Pelicans!

A pod, squadron, or fleet of pelicans is collectively known as an aviator. These magnificent birds, famous for their long bills, expansive wingspan, and graceful flight patterns are also noted for their collective behavior. They often come together and fly in large groups, showcasing a stunning spectacle in the sky as they synchronize their movement and glide effortlessly over land or water bodies. With their distinctive appearance and charismatic demeanor, a gathering of pelicans, known as an aviator, captures the attention and admiration of onlookers, creating a mesmerizing sight that embodies the essence of nature's aerial mastery.


Bask Of Pelicans

A Bask of pelicans refers to a gathering or group of these majestic birds. Known for their striking appearance and graceful flight, pelicans often come together in colonies for various reasons including breeding, feeding, and roosting. When a bask of peli...

Example sentence

"A bask of pelicans gracefully glides above the waves, their wings outstretched in synchronized flight."


Bill Of Pelicans

A flock of gregarious and majestic seabirds, known as pelicans, comes together in magnificent harmony forming a collective noun phrase called Bill of Pelicans. This enchanting gathering of pelicans captivates the eye with their striking appearance and syn...

Example sentence

"A large and majestic bill of pelicans is soaring gracefully over the tranquil lake."


Breast Of Pelicans

A breast of pelicans refers to a fascinating and captivating sight where a group of pelicans gather together. These majestic birds, known for their distinct appearance and graceful flight, exhibit a strong sense of community when they come together as a c...

Example sentence

"The breast of pelicans is a striking sight, with their vibrant colors contrasting against the backdrop of a clear blue sky."


Breeze Of Pelicans

A Breeze of Pelicans is a captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a group of pelicans gracefully gliding through the air, creating a stunning scene reminiscent of a gentle breeze. Pelicans, known for their elegant flight patterns and majestic ...

Example sentence

"A breeze of pelicans gracefully glided over the shimmering lake, their wingspan creating an awe-inspiring spectacle."


Clowder Of Pelicans

A clowder of pelicans is a poetic and captivating term used to describe a group of these magnificent seabirds gathered together in close proximity. The term clowder, often associated with cats, takes on a whimsical aura when applied to pelicans, evoking a...

Example sentence

"We watched in awe as a clowder of pelicans gracefully took flight over the calm waters."


Coast Of Pelicans

Coast of Pelicans refers to a stunning, captivating, and dynamic group of these magnificent seabirds gathered along coastal waters or flying effortlessly across the horizon. These highly social creatures form a cohesive unit, showcasing their synchronized...

Example sentence

"The coast of pelicans looked stunning as they soared majestically above the crashing waves."


Colony Of Pelicans

A colony of pelicans refers to a fascinating and captivating group of these distinct and graceful aquatic birds. It is a term used to describe a gathering or congregation of pelicans in the same area, typically establishing themselves in a specific locati...

Example sentence

"A colony of pelicans quietly gathered on the shore, their wings sparkling in the early morning sunlight."


Conspiracy Of Pelicans

Conspiracy of Pelicans – A Majestic and Secretive Gathering A Conspiracy of Pelicans describes a most intriguing collective noun phrase that evokes a vivid imagery of these remarkable creatures, native to coastal regions around the world. Consisting of...

Example sentence

"As I strolled along the beach, I was startled by a conspiracy of pelicans swooping in unison to catch their fishy feast."


Crest Of Pelicans

The collective noun phrase Crest of Pelicans describes a majestic gathering of pelicans in flight. As these large and graceful birds soar through the skies, their striking presence captivates anyone who beholds them. The term crest refers to the distincti...

Example sentence

"The beautiful crest of pelicans flew gracefully across the sky in perfect formation."


Dabble Of Pelicans

A dabble of pelicans refers to a delightful sight of these magnificent birds congregating together. Renowned for their large bodies, long bills, and impressive wingspans, pelicans are characterized by grace and elegance. When in groups, they create a capt...

Example sentence

"A dabble of pelicans enthusiastically took flight from the shoreline, their majestic wings stretching gracefully in the air."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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