[193] Casting a Musical Spell: Collective Noun Examples with the Word Band

A band is a musical group consisting of musicians who come together to create and perform music. However, the term "band" can also be used as a collective noun to describe a group of animals, objects, or things that are related or have similar characteristics.

For example, when talking about a group of musicians, we can use the collective noun "band" to describe a musical ensemble like an orchestra or a rock band. A band can consist of various instrumentalists, such as guitarists, drummers, keyboardists, and vocalists, each playing their unique role to produce harmonious music. They collaborate and work in sync to create an amalgam of melodies, rhythms, and lyrics that give rise to captivating compositions and live performances.

Expanding the definition of "band" as a collective noun, we can apply it to describe various groups of things or creatures with common features. An excellent example is a band of brothers or sisters, implying a close-knit group of siblings who have a strong bond, shared interests, and support each other through thick and thin.

Additionally, we may speak of a band of pirates, picturing a gang of daring swashbucklers sailing together on their notorious ship, seeking adventures on the high seas. Furthermore, a band of robbers or a bandit band evokes the idea of a clandestine criminal group involved in subversive activities.

In the natural world, various animal species also form bands. A band of gorillas represents a collective of these majestic creatures who stick together, protecting and nourishing mutual bonds. Or think of a band of zebras with their distinctive black-and-white stripes, forming a compact group for defense against predators and ensuring survival in the wild.

Collective nouns such as "band" offer a fascinating way to describe groups of people, creatures, or objects that share a common purpose, bond, or appearance. They encapsulate the essence of unity, collaboration, and solidarity within a diverse and dynamic collective.


Band of Actors

A Band of Actors refers to a group of individuals who have come together to perform and entertain. This collective noun phrase conveys both unity and creativity, emphasizing the collaborative nature of their craft. Whether they are presenting on the stage...

Example sentence

"Earlier today, I had the pleasure of watching a band of actors mesmerize an entire audience with their impeccable performance."


Band of Adventurers

A band of adventurers is a collective noun phrase used to describe a group of brave souls who travel together, seeking excitement, challenges, and extraordinary experiences. This united group exemplifies a spirit of courage and determination to go beyond ...

Example sentence

"The Band of Adventurers traveled through the treacherous jungle, facing the challenges that lay ahead."


Band Of Advocates

A Band of Advocates refers to a cohesive and united group of individuals who fervently support and promote a specific cause or belief. Working together with a shared purpose, these advocates dedicate themselves to raising awareness, speaking up on behalf ...

Example sentence

"The Band of Advocates gathered at the conference to discuss strategies for promoting equal rights and social justice."


Band of Apes

A band of apes refers to a social group of apes who live and interact together in the wild. These highly intelligent creatures form complex societies that are crucial to their survival and development. A band usually consists of several individuals, inclu...

Example sentence

"In the jungle, a band of apes swings from tree to tree, communing with each other through their distinctive vocalizations."


Band of Artisans

A band of artisans refers to a group of skillful craftsmen or craftswomen who come together with a shared passion for creating beautiful and unique pieces of artwork. This collective noun suggests a sense of camaraderie, collaboration, and a deep apprecia...

Example sentence

"In the bustling artisan market, a band of artisans gathered to showcase their unique crafts."


Band of Artists

Band of Artists is a captivating collective noun phrase that evokes an image of creative souls harmoniously coming together to weave a tapestry of artistic excellence. Like a closely knit musical group, this imaginative community comprises talented indivi...

Example sentence

"The band of artists was comprised of painters, sculptors, and photographers, all working together in harmony."


Band of Associates

A band of associates refers to a cohesive group of individuals who come together with a shared purpose or common goal. These associates typically possess varying areas of expertise or skills, which complement each other in their collaborative efforts. Bou...

Example sentence

"A band of associates gathered at the conference to exchange business ideas and strategies."


Band Of Asteroids

A band of asteroids refers to a group or collection of asteroids existing in outer space. Just like a musical band consists of multiple members playing various instruments harmoniously, a band of asteroids symbolizes multiple celestial bodies comprising s...

Example sentence

"The band of asteroids soared through the infinite depths of space, appearing like a celestial orchestra ready to perform their cosmic symphony."


Band Of Athletes

Band of Athletes is a compelling and inspiring collective noun phrase that characterizes a cohesive and tight-knit group of exceptionally talented individuals in the world of sports. Comprised of a diverse range of athletes from various disciplines, this ...

Example sentence

"The band of athletes trained rigorously together to prepare for the upcoming championship."


Band Of Aunts

A 'band of aunts' represents a delightful assembly of extraordinary women who are related to an individual through the familial ties of their parents' siblings. This endearing collective noun phrase encapsulates a group of beloved aunts that come together...

Example sentence

"The band of aunts was always there to lend a helping hand at family functions."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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