Collective Nouns Starting With S!

Check out this list of collective nouns that start with the letter S.

S 126

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Collective Noun Noun Category
Sarcasm Stagehands People
Sault Lions Animals
Scatter Ravers People
School Butterflyfish Animals
School Dolphins AnimalsFifth-Grade
School Fish AnimalsFirst-GradeExamples
School Jellyfish Animals
School Porpoises Animals
School Salmon Animals
School Shark AnimalsFourth-Grade
School Sharks AnimalsThird-Grade
School Whales Animals
Scold Jays Animals
Scoop Pelicans AnimalsSixth-Grade
Scorn Camels Animals
Scourge Mosquitoes Animals
Screech Gulls Animals
Scurry Squirrels Animals
Sea Bishops People
Sedge Bitterns Animals
Sedge Cranes Animals
Sedge Herons Animals
Sequitur Logicians People
Series Events Things
Serving Spoons Things
Set Bowls Things
Set Golfclubs Things
Set Rules Things
Set Sails Things
Set Utencils Things
Setting Eggs ThingsFood
Sheaf Arrows Things
Sheaf Corn ThingsVegetables
Shelf Books ThingsFirst-Grade
Shimmer Hummingbirds Animals
Shoal Bass Animals
Shoal Fish Animals
Shoal Herrings Animals
Shoal Pilchards Animals
Shoal Salmon Animals
Shower Rain Things
Shrewdness Apes Animals
Shuffle Bureaucrats People
Siege Bitterns Animals
Siege Cranes Animals
Siege Herons Animals
Singular Boars Animals
Sizzle Sausages ThingsFood
Skein Geese Animals
Skein Goslings Animals
Skein Silk Things
Skirl Bagpipes Things
Skulk Foxes Animals
Skulk Friars People
Slate Candidates People
Sleuth Bears Animals
Slew Homework Things
Slither Snakes Animals
Sloth Bears Animals
Smack Jellyfish Animals
Snarl Leopards Animals
Snatch Pickpockets People
Sneak Weasels Animals
Sord Ducks Animals
Sord Mallards Animals
Sord Wildfowl Animals
Sounder Boars Animals
Sounder Hogs Animals
Sounder Pigs Animals
Sounder Swine Animals
Soviet Ants Animals
Sowse Lions Animals
Span Mules Animals
Span Oxen Animals
Spawn Umbrellas Things
Spinney Trees Things
Spring Teal Animals
Spring Teals Animals
Sprinkle Hoses Things
Squad Players People
Squad Soldiers People
Squadron Aeroplanes Things
Squadron Pelicans Animals
Stable Horses Animals
Staff Employees PeopleFifth-Grade
Staff Servants People
Stage Actors People
Stalk Foresters People
Stand Arms Things
Stand Flamingo AnimalsFifth-Grade
Stand Flamingoes Animals
Stand Plovers Animals
Stand Trees Things
Staple Zines Things
Stare Owls Animals
State Princes People
Stench Skunks Animals
Stick Bombs Things
Stick Paratroopers People
Stock Businessmen People
Storytelling Crows Animals
Storytelling Ravens Animals
Storytelling Rooks Animals
Streak Tigers Animals
Stream Minnows Animals
String Ducks Animals
String Pearls ThingsSecond-Grade
String Ponies Animals
String Racehorses Animals
Stud Horses Animals
Stud Mares Animals
Study Owls AnimalsFifth-Grade
Suit Sails Things
Superfluity Nuns People
Sute Bloodhounds Animals
Sute Mallards Animals
Swarm Ants AnimalsSixth-Grade
Swarm Bees Animals
Swarm Butterflies Animals
Swarm Eels Animals
Swarm Flies Animals
Swarm Gnats Animals
Swarm Insects Animals
Swarm Jellyfish Animals
Swarm Rats Animals
Swirl Paisleys Things
Collective Noun Noun Category

S 126

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S (named ess , plural esses) is the 19th letter in the Modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet....


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