Collective Noun Example
Faculty of Academics
Fall of Lambs
Fall of Snow
Fall of Woodcock
Fall of Woodcocks
Family of Beavers
Family of Otter
Farrow of Piglets
Farrow of Pigs
Fesnying of Ferrets
Fesnyng of Ferrets
Festival of Balloons
Fesynes of Pheasants
Fidget of Altarboys
Field of Racehorses
Field of Runners
Fitting of Sails
Fixie of Hipsters
Flamboyance of Flamingoes
Flange of Baboons
Flap of Nuns
Fleet of Bass
Fleet of Boats
Fleet of Cars
Fleet of Ducklings
Fleet of Lorries
Fleet of Mudhen
Fleet of Ships
Fleet of Trucks
Fleet of Vehicles
Flick of Rabbits
Flight of Aeroplanes
Flight of Angels
Flight of Bees
Flight of Birds
Flight of Cormorants
Flight of Doves
Flight of Dragons
Flight of Goshawks
Flight of Pigeons
Flight of Stairs
Flight of Steps
Flight of Swallows
Fling of Dunlins
Fling of Oxbirds
Fling of Sandpipers
Flink of Cows
Float of Crocodiles
Flock of Birds
Flock of Camels
Flock of Chickens
Flock of Ducks
Flock of Geese
Flock of Goats
Flock of Parrots
Flock of Pigeons
Flock of Seagulls
Flock of Sheep
Flock of Swifts
Flock of Tourists
Flock of Turkeys
Flotilla of Boats
Flotilla of Swordfish
Flush of Ducks
Flush of Mallards
Fluther of Jellyfish
Fold of Cattle
Fold of Sheep
Fraunch of Millers
Fun of Fish
Collective Noun Example

F (named ef ) is the sixth letter in the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet.


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