Collective Noun Example
Army of Frogs
Atlas of Maps
Band of Coyotes
Band of Gorillas
Band of Musicians
Barrel of Laughs
Bench of Judges
Bunch of Keys
Cast of Actors
Cast of Hawks
Chain of Events
Cluster of Grapes
Clutch of Eggs
Company of Actors
Congress of Baboons
Drove of Oxen
Flight of Doves
Gaggle of Swans
Group of Guineapigs
Group of Islands
Herd of Dolphins
Knob of Seals
Nest of Mice
Pack of Bears
Panel of Judges
Pod of Dolphins
Rope of Pearls
School of Dolphins
Staff of Employees
Stand of Flamingo
Study of Owls
Team of Dolphins
Wisdom of Owls
Collective Noun Example

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