Collective Nouns Starting With H!

Check out this list of collective nouns that start with the letter H.

H 67

Below is a 3 column fast-sorting table of collective nouns with a related noun and link to the main category.

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Collective Noun Noun Category
Hand Bananas ThingsFood
Haras Horses Animals
Harem Seals Animals
Haul Fish Animals
Heap Trash Things
Hedge Herons Animals
Herd Antelope Animals
Herd Boar Animals
Herd Buffalo AnimalsSecond-Grade
Herd Buffaloes Animals
Herd Caribou Animals
Herd Cattle AnimalsFirst-GradeExamples
Herd Chamois Animals
Herd Chinchillas Animals
Herd Cows AnimalsFirst-Grade
Herd Cranes Animals
Herd Curlews Animals
Herd Deer AnimalsFirst-Grade
Herd Dolphins AnimalsFifth-Grade
Herd Donkeys Animals
Herd Elephants AnimalsSecond-Grade
Herd Elk Animals
Herd Fairies People
Herd Giraffes AnimalsThird-Grade
Herd Gnus Animals
Herd Goats AnimalsFourth-Grade
Herd Hippopotami Animals
Herd Horses AnimalsFirst-Grade
Herd Llamas AnimalsSecond-Grade
Herd Moose Animals
Herd Mules Animals
Herd Oxen AnimalsSecond-Grade
Herd Pigs Animals
Herd Ponies Animals
Herd Seahorses AnimalsThird-Grade
Herd Seals Animals
Herd Sheep Animals
Herd Swans Animals
Herd Swine Animals
Herd Walruses Animals
Herd Whales Animals
Herd Wolves AnimalsThird-Grade
Herd Wrens Animals
Herd Yaks Animals
Herd Zebras AnimalsFirst-Grade
Hide Tigers Animals
Hill Beans ThingsVegetables
Hill Ruffs Animals
Hive Bees Animals
Holiness Donuts ThingsFood
Horde Crows Animals
Horde Gerbils Animals
Horde Gnats Animals
Horde Hamsters Animals
Horde Mice Animals
Horde Rats Animals
Horde Savages People
Host Angels People
Host Sparrows Animals
House Senators People
Hover Crows Animals
Hover Trout Animals
Huddle Lawyers People
Huddle Penguins Animals
Hurtle Sheep Animals
Husk Hares Animals
Husk Rabbits Animals
Collective Noun Noun Category

H 67

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H (named aitch and/or haitch , plural aitches) is the eighth letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet....


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