Collective Nouns Starting With G!

Check out this list of collective nouns that start with the letter G.

G 31

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Collective Noun Noun Category
Gaggle Geese AnimalsSecond-Grade
Gaggle Swans AnimalsFifth-Grade
Galaxy Starlets Things
Galaxy Stars Things
Gam Whales Animals
Gang Elk Animals
Gang Hoodlums People
Gang Laborers People
Gang Labourers People
Gang Thieves PeopleSixth-Grade
Gargle Swans Animals
Garland Sonnets Things
Gathering Clans People
Gatling Woodpeckers Animals
Gaze Raccoons Animals
Generation Vipers Animals
Gift Robins AnimalsExamples
Giggle Girls People
Glaring Cats Animals
Gleam Herrings Animals
Glide Flyingfish Animals
Glint Goldfish Animals
Glitter Generals People
Glory Unicorns AnimalsSixth-Grade
Grist Bees Animals
Group Guineapigs AnimalsFifth-Grade
Group Islands PlacesFifth-Grade
Group People PeopleSecond-Grade
Grove Trees Things
Gulp Magpies Animals
Gulp Swallows Animals
Collective Noun Noun Category

G 31

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G (named gee ) is the 7th letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet....


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