[36] Jaw-Dropping Gems: Unraveling the Enchanting World of Collective Nouns with 'J'

A group of collective nouns starting with the letter J encapsulate various beings, from animals to individuals, all coming together in their unique formations.

1. A jury of professional jurors deliberates and pronounces judgements based on evidence, ensuring justice is served.

2. A juggernaut of immense strength, often used to describe a massive overpowering force or an unstoppable phenomenon like a Juggernaut of revolution.

3. A jackdaw represents a flock of small, intelligent corvids noted for their shiny black feathers and chatty demeanor.

4. A jazz band comprises musicians playing a diverse range of brass, woodwind, percussion, and stringed instruments, creating the distinctive melodies and lively rhythms of this genre.

5. A jam of traffic accumulates when vehicles align in an extensive back-up, gridlocked and maneuvering slowly, frustrating those within.

6. A journey of giraffes refers to a herd of these majestic, long-necked mammals, common in the grass plains of Africa, as they migrate or graze.

7. A jubilation of larks signifies a flock of melodious songbirds known for their exuberant lyrical tunes shared while ascending high into the sky during flight.

8. A judgment of scolds paints a picture of a gathering of women engaging in mutually reproachful language or moral correction, somewhat sharing a collective duty.

9. A jail of inmates describes a group of prisoners confined within a prison, sharing time, space, and circumstances.

10. A jest of jesters refers to a collection of entertainers known for their humorous acts, comedic styles, and medieval court performances.

Intriguing and diverse though they may be, these collective nouns beginning with 'j' have their own charisma, representing their respective gatherings and adding to the colorful tapestry of language.


Jackpot 1

Collective nouns are unique nouns that refer to groups of people, animals, or things. They are commonly used to describe a single entity made up of several individuals. One interesting collective noun example using the word "jackpot" is a "jackpot of gamb...


Jam 3

A collective noun represents a collection or group of similar objects, people, or animals. When it comes to collective nouns involving the word "jam," several examples spring to mind. Imagine a spectrum of jams in various jars, each containing a distinct ...


Jamboree 2

A jamboree is a festive gathering or celebration characterized by a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere. It brings together a diverse group of people to engage in various activities, entertainment, and socializing. The collective noun "jamboree" describes ...


Jangle 1

A jangle, also known as a cluster or a cacophony, refers to a specific collective noun that describes a group of objects causing discordant sounds or unpleasant noise. It alludes to an atmosphere of incessant clashing or clattering noises, reminiscent of ...


Jar 5

Collective nouns are fascinating as they refer to groups of people, animals, or things, bringing together similar entities under a singular term. When it comes to the word "jar," meanwhile, we shed light on unusual groupings that evoke imagery of storage ...


Jargon 1

Collective noun refers to a unique form of nouns that represents a collection or a group of individuals or things. Used to simplify conversations by condensing or categorizing common items, collective nouns play an essential role in our language. When it ...


Jaws 1

A collective noun is created when a single word is used to represent a group of people, animals, or things. The noun "jaws" can also be used in the context of collective nouns, usually representing groups that possess strong, powerful, or formidable chara...


Jazz 1

A collective noun refers to a group or collection of similar items, animals, people, or things. When it comes to the word "jazz," it encompasses a vibrant and eclectic genre of music, often associated with improvisation, syncopated rhythms, and dynamic li...


Jeer 1

A collective noun refers to a group of entities or individuals. When it comes to the word "jeer," a collective noun could signify a unity and contemporaneousness of scornful vocalizations or derisive gestures of a gathering of people. In this sense, a gro...


Jet 1

A collective noun is a word that denotes a group of people, animals, or things. When it comes to the word "jet," it can evoke an image of speed, power, and travel. When used as part of a collective noun, the word "jet" can be used to define and describe v...

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