[30] Lackadaisical Lack: Collective Noun Examples in the Realm of Scarcity

A collective noun refers to a group of people, animals, or things perceived as a single entity. One such collective noun, reflecting an absence or deficiency, is "lack." "Lack" is used to describe a grouping of elements or qualities that are missing or insufficient. It encapsulates a vibe of insufficiency, scarcity, or deprivation among a given set of individuals or objects. Example phrases utilizing "lack" as a collective noun include "a lack of direction" to represent a group of people unaware of their purpose; "a lack of resources" to describe a cluster of insufficiencies; or "a lack of coherence" to signify a collection of disconnected or disorganized elements. Overall, the collective noun "lack" emphasizes the absence or shortage of something within a specific group or context.


Lack Of Communication

Lack of Communication refers to a specific situation or condition where a dearth or absence of effective transfer of information, ideas, or thoughts occurs. This collective noun phrase is often used to describe a breakdown or insufficient flow of communic...

Example sentence

"The lack of communication within the team was evident, causing misunderstandings and delays in the project."


Lack Of Confidence

Lack of Confidence is a collective noun phrase that pertains to the absence or deficient presence of assurance, belief, or self-assurance in individuals or a group as a whole. It encompasses the feeling of uncertainty, self-doubt, and apprehension towards...

Example sentence

"The lack of confidence among the students was evident during the class presentation."


Lack Of Cooperation

Lack of Cooperation is a collective noun phrase that refers to a significant absence of collaboration, unity, or mutual assistance among individuals or groups in a particular context or situation. This phrase denotes a lack of willingness or ability to wo...

Example sentence

"The lack of cooperation among team members is hindering the progress of the project."


Lack Of Coordination

Lack of Coordination is a collective noun phrase that denotes a state or condition in which there is an absence or insufficiency of harmony, synchronization, or cooperation among individuals or groups. It describes a scenario where the actions, movements,...

Example sentence

"The lack of coordination among team members became evident during the crucial project meeting."


Lack Of Creativity

Lack of Creativity is a collective noun phrase that vividly portrays a group or situation where originality, imagination, and ingenuity are notably absent. It represents a state or condition where there is a paucity of innovative or groundbreaking ideas, ...

Example sentence

"The lack of creativity among our team members was evident in their repetitive ideas and uninspiring designs."


Lack Of Discipline

Lack of discipline is a collective noun phrase used to describe a group or situation characterized by the absence of self-control, order, and adherence to rules or standards. It refers to the collective disposition of individuals to resist or neglect disc...

Example sentence

"The lack of discipline among the students is becoming a cause for concern for the school administration."


Lack Of Effort

Lack of Effort denotes a collective noun phrase that aptly captures the absence or refusal to exert any degree of energy, dedication, or perseverance towards a particular task, goal, or endeavor. It portrays a group or individuals failing to invest the ne...

Example sentence

"The lack of effort from the entire team was evident during the soccer game."


Lack Of Energy

Lack of Energy is a collective noun phrase that encompasses a state or condition in which individuals or a group of people experience a deficiency or absence of physical or mental stamina, vigor, or enthusiasm. It refers to a collective sense of weariness...

Example sentence

"The lack of energy in the office was palpable as everyone seemed drained and unmotivated by the end of the day."


Lack Of Food

Lack of Food is a collective noun phrase that encapsulates a situation or condition where there is an insufficient supply or absence of sufficient sustenance to sustain a given group or population. It conveys a tangible sense of deprivation and shortage i...

Example sentence

"The lack of food in war-torn areas has led to widespread famine and suffering."


Lack Of Friends

Lack of Friends is a collective noun phrase that refers to the state of not having many or any close companions or personal relationships. It embodies a sense of isolation, where individuals may feel alone or estranged due to a limited or nonexistent soci...

Example sentence

"In the midst of her loneliness, Sarah couldn't help but feel the weight of the lack of friends."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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