[41] Unveiling the Mighty Swarm: Exploring Collective Nouns for Locusts

A swarm of locusts, also known as a plague, is one of the most fascinating and impressive collective nouns in the animal kingdom. Locusts are known for their notorious ability to form large congregations that can bring about widespread devastation. When considering the collective names attributed to these voracious insects, a couple of options stand out.

First and foremost, the most commonly used collective noun for a group of locusts is a "swarm." This term perfectly captures their behavior, as locusts have evolved to travel and forage en masse. Swarms can contain millions or even billions of individuals, creating an awe-inspiring spectacle and a force of destruction when they descend upon agricultural crops. The image of scores of locusts flying through the air in unison, devouring everything in their path, is indelibly associated with swarms.

Another collective noun occasionally used to describe gatherings of locusts is a "plague." This term conveys the destructive nature of locust swarms, as they can cause havoc and economic devastation. Plagues evoke a sense of alarm and urgency due to the potential consequences they bring. While "plague" is not as widely used as "swarm" when referring to locusts, it serves as a memorable term that elicits the considerable impact these insects can have on an ecosystem, vegetation, and human life.

In summary, whether described as a swarm or a plague, the collective noun for locusts vividly captures their unique and awe-inspiring natural phenomenon. These mass gatherings of locusts demonstrate their remarkable coordination, mobility, and impact on both ecological and economic systems.


Army Of Locusts

An army of locusts refers to a collective noun phrase used to describe a vast congregation or swarm of these pests. The term army conveys the sheer magnitude and organized movement of these insects as they descend upon fields, crops, and vegetation, causi...

Example sentence

"An army of locusts descended upon the fields, devouring every inch of vegetation in their path."


Assembly Of Locusts

An assembly of locusts refers to a group or congregation of these fascinating insects, known for their extraordinary ability to swarm and migrate in massive numbers. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the captivating phenomenon that occurs when locu...

Example sentence

"An assembly of locusts descended upon the fields, ravaging crops and devouring vegetation in their path."


Avalanche Of Locusts

Avalanche of Locusts is a grammatical construction used to describe a swarm or congregation of locusts, a term commonly associated with a dramatic and awe-inspiring natural spectacle. When locust populations reach astronomical numbers, their coordination ...

Example sentence

"During the biblical Plagues of Egypt, an avalanche of locusts swarmed the land, desolating crops and leaving famine in its wake."


Band Of Locusts

A band of locusts refers to a group or swarm of these highly destructive and fascinating creatures. The term band reflects the cohesive nature and unified movement of these numerous insects as they navigate together across vast landscapes. Serving as the ...

Example sentence

"A band of locusts descended upon the fields, devouring everything in their path."


Barrage Of Locusts

A barrage of locusts is a vivid and alarming collective noun phrase that evokes an immense wave or onslaught of these insatiable insects. When used to describe a group of locusts, barrage highlights the sheer quantity and intensity of their presence, crea...

Example sentence

"In some parts of East Africa, a barrage of locusts has been devastating farmers' crops."


Battalion Of Locusts

A battalion of locusts is a fascinating and ominous sight to behold. Comprised of hundreds, or even thousands, of these voracious insects, it represents a formidable force that instills both awe and trepidation. These chaotic swarms are few but mighty, as...

Example sentence

"A battalion of locusts descended upon the lush, green fields, devouring every last blade of grass."


Blanket Of Locusts

A blanket of locusts is a captivating and ominous collective noun phrase that vividly describes a swarm or mass gathering of locusts. When hordes of these winged insects congregate and darken the sky with their sheer numbers, they resemble a thick coverin...

Example sentence

"A blanket of locusts descended upon the fields, devouring every green sprout in their path."


Brigade Of Locusts

A brigade of locusts refers to a peculiar and awe-inspiring sight in the natural world, where a large swarm of these winged insects gathers in remarkable numbers. Locusts, normally solitary creatures, transform into an immensely social and banded force ca...

Example sentence

"The Brigade of Locusts descended upon the fields, leaving nothing but devastation in their wake."


Cloud Of Locusts

A cloud of locusts refers to a captivating and awe-inspiring sight in which hundreds, thousands, or millions of these flying insects gather together, creating a remarkable spectacle. This collective noun phrase evokes imagery of a relentless and expanding...

Example sentence

"A massive cloud of locusts darkened the sky as they descended upon the fields, devouring every blade of grass in their path."


Colony Of Locusts

A colony of locusts refers to the iconic and formidable collective unit of these small, scavenging insects found in grasshopper species. Deemed as a natural force of destruction, it comprises thousands or even millions of locusts that band together, formi...

Example sentence

"A colony of locusts descended upon the fields, devouring every blade of grass in their path."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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