[33] Strolling through Collective Noun Examples: A Delightful Walk

A collective noun is a singular noun that refers to a group of people, animals, or things. In the case of using the word "walk", there are several collective nouns that are commonly associated with this activity.

1. Troop of Walkers: This refers to a large group of people who are walking together, usually for a specific purpose or as part of an organized event. It could be participants of a charity walk, hikers on a trail, or even a group of schoolchildren walking to a nearby park.

2. flock of Walkers: Typically used to describe a group of walkers who are casually strolling together, enjoying each other's company. This term is often used in social or recreational contexts, such as friends taking a leisurely walk in a park or a group of tourists exploring a new city's streets on foot.

3. Herd of Walkers: Referring mostly to a crowd of pedestrians or commuters walking together, usually in busy urban areas. A "herd of walkers" can evoke images of a bustling city sidewalk or a group of people partaking in a march or protest.

4. Pack of Walkers: This collective noun suggests a cohesive group of walkers who share a common goal or purpose. It can depict marathon runners moving together as a mass of participants striving towards the finish line or an organized hiking group traversing challenging terrain.

5. Parade of Walkers: This collective noun describes a festive group of walkers who are celebrating an occasion or participating in a grand event, often with colorful costumes or banners. It could refer to a pride parade, a carnival procession, or even a traditional cultural celebration where people walk in elaborate, coordinated formations.

These collective noun examples with the word "walk" help paint a vivid picture of groups engaged in the act of walking, highlighting the social, recreational, and purpose-driven aspects associated with this activity.


Walk Of Anteaters

The Walk of Anteaters is a captivating collective noun phrase that evokes imagery of a unified excursion, highlighting the unique and intriguing members of the anteater species. It represents a gathering, or procession, of these distinctive creatures, gra...

Example sentence

"As I strolled through the dense forest, I stumbled upon a Walk of Anteaters gracefully moving through the undergrowth."


Walk Of Armadillos

Walk of Armadillos is a striking and whimsical collective noun phrase used to describe a group of armadillos. The word walk, traditionally associated with the movement of humans or animals on foot, perfectly encapsulates their typically slow, purposeful, ...

Example sentence

"During our hike in the forest, we stumbled upon a mesmerizing sight - a Walk of Armadillos scurrying across the trail."


Walk Of Birds

The phrase Walk of Birds captures the captivating sight of numerous birds moving together in a concentrated space. Encompassing a scene of both elegance and wonder, this collective noun phrase evokes imagery of feathers, movement, and harmony. Picture a s...

Example sentence

"The Walk of Birds, composed of a diverse collection of avian species, is a magnificent sight to behold as the birds gracefully strut along the shoreline."


Walk Of Chickens

The Walk of Chickens refers to a captivating sight where a group of chickens stroll or roam together in a specific area. This collective noun phrase conveys a delightful scene of unity and coordination among these charming birds. Picture a small and diver...

Example sentence

"The Walk of Chickens began as the sun started to rise, with the flock making steady progress towards the barnyard."


Walk Of Chipmunks

Walk of Chipmunks refers to a charming sight of the chipmunks moving together, capturing the collective essence of these small but agile creatures. This noun phrase brings to mind a picturesque image of a group of chipmunks persistently scurrying across t...

Example sentence

"I was amazed when I stumbled upon a walk of chipmunks in the forest while hiking."


Walk Of Cranes

The Walk of Cranes is a breathtaking sight that mesmerizes onlookers with its elegance and grace. This extraordinary collective noun phrase refers to a congregation of cranes effortlessly navigating their terrestrial habitat, exhibiting a harmonious chore...

Example sentence

"During the migration season, I observed a mesmerizing Walk of Cranes as they flew in perfect formation across the sky."


Walk Of Ducks

A walk of ducks is a delightful sight to behold, offering an enchanting spectacle of nature's grace. This collective noun phrase conjures up images of a group of ducks leisurely strolling together, exhibiting their synchronicity and camaraderie as they pa...

Example sentence

"The Walk of Ducks waddled with elegance and grace through the park, captivating everyone's attention."


Walk Of Emus

The Walk of Emus is a mesmerizing sight that evokes both awe and curiosity. This collective noun phrase refers to a group of emus, fascinating flightless birds known for their distinctive appearance and captivating movements. When describing the Walk of E...

Example sentence

"The Walk of Emus consisted of a large group of these flightless birds migrating across the vast Australian outback."


Walk Of Flamingos

The collective noun phrase Walk of Flamingos refers to a stunning sight of flamingos gathering together in their natural habitats, such as lakes, estuaries, or wetlands. This mesmerizing phenomenon showcases the flamboyant nature and unique social behavio...

Example sentence

"The Walk of Flamingos, comprised of hundreds of elegant pink birds, gracefully paraded together along the shimmering lakeside."


Walk Of Geese

The Walk of Geese is a captivating sight that mesmerizes observers with its grace and natural elegance. Picture a group of geese strutting together in synchronized harmony, their feathers shining under the golden sunlight. As they methodically take their ...

Example sentence

"As I strolled along the riverbank, I couldn't help but notice a lively walk of geese marching in perfect formation."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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