[14] Collective Noun Examples with the Word 'Sack': Exploring the Unique Terms for Groups of Objects!

A collective noun is a word used to describe a group of things, animals, or people. In the case of the word "sack," it can be used to represent a group or collection of objects, typically made of a material like cloth or paper.

Examples of collective nouns with the word "sack" are varied and can apply to different situations:

1. A sack of potatoes: This is the classic example, a collection of potatoes held together in a sack for storage, transport, or sale.

2. A sack of toys: Commonly used during festive seasons or charity events, this refers to a collection of gifts or playthings stuffed inside a sack for distribution to children or those in need.

3. A sack of grain: This represents a bag filled with grain, often seen in agricultural settings where crops like wheat, corn, or rice are gathered and stored.

4. A sack of presents: Something often encountered during celebratory occasions like birthdays or the holiday season, this refers to many beautifully wrapped gifts collected inside a sack and then handed out or opened.

5. A sack of footballs: In a sporting context, this pertains to a group of footballs collected together, often found during training sessions or football games.

6. A sack of mail: Particularly in historical contexts or in certain professions, a sack is used to transport a day's worth of letters or packages, making it a collective noun for mail items.

These examples showcase how the word "sack" can serve as a collective noun, representing groups of particular objects that are typically contained or carried within a sack.


Sack of Apples

A sack of apples is a wonderful collection or gathering of apples, usually placed inside a sturdy sack for convenient transportation or storage. This lively collective noun phrase vividly describes a group of apples that have been harvested or assembled t...

Example sentence

"I bought a sack of apples from the farmers' market today."


Sack Of Beans

A sack of beans is a descriptive collective noun phrase that encompasses the intriguing image of a bag or sack filled to the brim with multiple beans. Evoking a sense of abundance, this fascinating collective noun phrase is often used to describe a large ...

Example sentence

"The market vendor spilled an entire sack of beans during the rush hour."


Sack Of Bread

A sack of bread refers to a peculiar collective noun phrase primarily used in a metaphorical sense rather than a literal one. It portrays a grouping or assembly of bread loaves or buns, typically characterized by their shared purpose, appearance, or exist...

Example sentence

"I bought a sack of bread from the local bakery to feed the hungry ducks at the park."


Sack Of Corn

A Sack of Corn refers to a specific collective noun phrase used to describe a large quantity or a group of sacks filled with corn. The word sack in this context represents a traditional method of storing or transporting corn. The collective noun sack is u...

Example sentence

"The farmer filled up a large sack of corn to feed his livestock during the wintertime."


Sack Of Flour

A sack of flour refers to a specific collective noun phrase that captures the image of multiple sacks filled with flour gathered together in one place. The sight of a sack of flour evokes thoughts of a bustling bakery or kitchen, where the sweet aroma of ...

Example sentence

"I bought a sack of flour for baking cookies at the grocery store."


Sack Of Grain

A sack of grain refers to a grouping or collection of sacks filled with grain. Grain, whether it is wheat, rice, corn, barley, or any other cereal crop, is commonly stored and transported in large sacks for efficient handling. As a collective noun phrase,...

Example sentence

"The farmers unloaded a sack of grain onto the dusty barn floor."


Sack of Grapes

A sack of grapes refers to a gathering of this small, round, delicious fruit, creating a visual and conceptual image of abundance and unity. Just as grapes thrive when clustered together, a sack of grapes captures the essence of these clustered fruits, ti...

Example sentence

"I purchased a sack of grapes from the market to make some homemade grape jelly."


Sack Of Noodles

A sack of noodles is a whimsical collective noun phrase used to describe a group or assortment of noodles. It conjures up an image of a voluminous sack generously filled with an assortment of different types of noodles, each distinct in shape, texture, an...

Example sentence

"I emptied the entire sack of noodles into the boiling water for our dinner."


Sack Of Onions

A Sack of Onions is a collective noun phrase that vividly captures the image of a large quantity or gathering of onions contained within a sturdy bag or sack. This phrase conjures up an alluring visual and olfactory experience, transporting us to bustling...

Example sentence

"I bought a sack of onions from the farmer's market to cook a delicious stew."


Sack of Oranges

A sack of oranges is a whimsical collective noun phrase that brings to mind an image of a bountiful collection or grouping of juicy citrus fruits. The word sack emphasizes the act of gathering or collecting, implying a plentiful harvest of vibrant, round ...

Example sentence

"The workers at the orchard were busy packing a sack of oranges for shipment."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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