[51] Bags of Language: Discover the Fascinating World of Collective Nouns with 'Bag' Examples

Collective noun examples with the word "bag" refer to a group or collection of similar items or objects that typically come together inside a bag or container. The word "bag" in such contexts symbolizes the container holding various items, offering convenience in transportation or storage.

One common example is a "bag of groceries," which denotes several food items grouped together and carried in a bag. This collective noun can include various groceries like fruits, vegetables, canned goods, and other pantry essentials, typically bought during a shopping trip.

Similarly, a "bag of toys" refers to a collection of different playthings, such as dolls, cars, stuffed animals, building blocks, or board games, consolidated inside a bag. This collective term is often used to represent a child's favorite possessions or a selection of toys for a specific purpose, like travel or daycare.

Furthermore, a "bag of marbles" represents a container filled with several small glass or plastic spheres used in games. This collective noun conjures up the image of colorful marbles jingling and rolling together inside the bag, ready for play or competition with friends or siblings.

Additionally, a "bag of tricks" figuratively refers to a set of resources or strategies often used for versatility or achieving desired outcomes. This collective noun finds usage in fields requiring cleverness or unpredictability, such as entertainment, magic shows, or problem-solving contexts.

Other notable collective noun examples with the word "bag" include a "bag of coins" representing a group of various currencies collected or stored together, a "bag of pens" connoting a collection of writing instruments, and a "bag of clothes" comprising various garments kept together for travel or convenience.

Overall, these collective noun examples with the word "bag" bring to mind the image of items, objects, or resources united in a container, suggesting practicality, conservation, and organization.


Bag of Apples

A bag of apples is a delightful and practical collective noun phrase that conjures up a vivid image of a group of apples snugly nestled in a sack or container. This phrase encapsulates the essence of abundance, freshness, and harvest which makes it an app...

Example sentence

"I bought a bag of apples from the farmers market."


Bag of Bananas

A bag of bananas refers to a delightful gathering or collection of bananas contained within a bag. While bananas are typically associated with tropical regions and are a popular fruit worldwide, a bag of bananas signifies a convenient way to transport or ...

Example sentence

"I bought a bag of bananas at the grocery store for my morning smoothies."


Bag Of Beans

A bag of beans is a delightful collective noun phrase that conjures up images of a common container teeming with an assortment of beans. This versatile phrase encompasses the unity and countless possibilities contained within such a satchel of legumes. Wi...

Example sentence

"I bought a bag of beans from the local grocery store for tonight's dinner."


Bag Of Berries

A bag of berries is a delightful collective noun phrase that brings to mind an image of a small pouch or container filled with an assortment of luscious and colorful berries. The term bag evokes a sense of convenience and portability, as if one could easi...

Example sentence

"We went foraging in the forest, and we gathered a bag of berries to make a delicious dessert."


Bag Of Bones

A bag of bones is a collective noun phrase that intriguingly evokes a vivid image and captures our curiosity. Describing a group or collection of skeletal structures within a bag, this phrase conjures an association with mystery, perhaps a relic from the ...

Example sentence

"I spotted a bag of bones lying beside the old graveyard, sending shivers down my spine."


Bag Of Books

A bag of books is a collective noun phrase that refers to a grouping or assemblage of books placed or contained within a bag. It symbolizes a delightful realm of knowledge, entertainment, and imagination, encapsulating the beauty and wonder of the written...

Example sentence

"The librarian carefully organized the bag of books, making sure all the titles were facing outward."


Bag Of Cement

A bag of cement is a specific, singular collective noun phrase used to describe a group of bags containing cement. Cement is a powdered substance used in construction that, when mixed with water, becomes a binding agent for construction materials. A bag o...

Example sentence

"While working on the construction site, the workers carried a bag of cement to mix it with sand and gravel for the foundation."


Bag Of Chips

The collective noun phrase bag of chips refers to a group or collection of chips that are typically contained within a bag or packet. Chips, commonly thin and crisp slices of potatoes or other starchy vegetables, are a popular savory snack enjoyed by peop...

Example sentence

"I bought a bag of chips to share with my friends at the picnic."


Bag Of Clothes

A bag of clothes refers to a specific collective noun phrase used to describe a container or a bundle filled with various articles of clothing. Typically, it portrays the image of multiple garments crammed into one bag, ranging from shirts and jeans to ja...

Example sentence

"I needed a bag of clothes for my vacation so I packed all my favorite outfits."


Bag Of Coffee

A bag of coffee refers to a specific quantity or package of coffee beans or ground coffee enclosed within a bag that is typically used for storage and transportation purposes. This collective noun phrase signifies a standardized quantity or unit of coffee...

Example sentence

"I need to pick up a bag of coffee today to restock my pantry."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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