[2] In the Neighborhood: Exploring Collective Noun Examples

"A neighborhood, composed of various residences and individuals, can also give rise to collective nouns that encapsulate the coming together of its lively inhabitants. These collective nouns skillfully capture the essence of community interactions within a neighborhood, shedding light on shared experiences and characteristics. For instance, a neighborhood may be witness to the organized chaos of a 'neighborhood block party,' a joyful gathering that fosters camaraderie among its denizens. Another illustrative example is a 'neighborhood watch,' displaying a collective effort in ensuring the safety and security of the entire community. Additionally, one can envision how a 'neighborhood choir' harmoniously unites its talented residents in melodious power. Such memorable and relatable collective nouns highlight the dynamic nature of a neighborhood, showcasing the strength and togetherness found among its diverse inhabitants."


Neighborhood Of Bungalows

The neighborhood of bungalows is a charming and cohesive community that is characterized by its distinctive style of housing. Consisting of a group of quaint, one-story homes, this enclave forms a visual delight with its uniform architecture. Each bungalo...

Example sentence

"The neighborhood of bungalows is known for its charming and architectural consistency."


Neighborhood Of Townhouses

Neighborhood of Townhouses refers to a group or cluster of townhouses located in a specific area or community. This collective noun phrase represents a cohesive and compact living environment where multiple townhouses are built side by side or in close pr...

Example sentence

"The neighborhood of townhouses is a charming community nestled in a quiet corner of the city."

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