[60] Nest-ful of Knowledge: Exploring Collective Noun Examples Feathery-style!

A collective noun is a word used to describe a group of people, animals, or things. When it comes to nest-centric collective nouns, several examples can be enticingly described.

First and foremost, we have a "clutch" of nests, representing a brood of birds contributing to the next generation by nurturing their eggs or hatchlings. Picture a serene meadow teeming with chirping songs, as numerous nests house the future feathered treasures awaiting their turn to take flight.

Then there is a rather eccentric term known as a "scrape" of nests, which conjures the image of energetic creatures putting together their humble abodes and gathering bits of twigs, grass, or even unconventional resources in forested or foliage-covered environments. This term provides room for different species, be it birds, spiders, or other dwelling creatures unified by their effort to create homes symbolizing their resilience.

Another exciting example is a "colony" of nests, evoking a setting where countless dwellings coexist closely. Think of colonies of social insects like termites or wasps, constructing intricate structures forming an awe-inspiring amalgamation that functions as a central hub for their collective existence. Within these nest colonies, numerous individuals labor tirelessly in a remarkable synergy, diligently safeguarding their home.

Lastly, there is the lofty concept of a "shimmer" of nests or a "maze" of nests. These terms encompass the idea of nests intricately perched or nestled in the canopy of towering trees, appearing like glistening gems or forming a complex network altogether. Birds, squirrels, and primates deftly maneuver through this captivating maze of nests, interweaving their habitats into an enthralling testament of adaptability and coexistence.

In conclusion, collective nouns function as descriptive powerhouses by encapsulating the essence of communities, gatherings, or unified groups. When it comes to nests, from the clutches and scrapes of individual efforts to shimmering or maze-like colonies suspended high above, these collective noun examples paint a rich mosaic of nature's ingenuity and harmony.


Nest Of Adders

A nest of adders refers to a group or gathering of the venomous snake species known as adders. Adders are primarily found in various parts of Europe and Asia, belonging to the viper family and known for their distinct venomous bites. When several adders c...

Example sentence

"I stumbled upon a nest of adders while hiking in the forest; they lay silently, their coiled bodies intertwined, blending with the fallen leaves."


Nest Of Alligators

Nest of Alligators refers to a unique collective noun phrase used to describe a group of alligators gathered in close proximity or in a specific area. It conjures a visual image of these formidable reptiles, known for their powerful jaws and predatory nat...

Example sentence

"A nest of alligators startled the onlookers as it slowly made its way across the marsh."


Nest Of Anacondas

A nest of anacondas refers to a group or gathering of these enormous, captivating creatures in their natural habitat. The collective noun phrase nest of anacondas embodies the awe-inspiring sight of multiple anacondas coiled and intertwined upon one anoth...

Example sentence

"A nest of anacondas was discovered deep in the heart of the rainforest, raising questions about their unique social behavior."


Nest Of Ants

A nest of ants is a fascinating representation of the robust and organized society that comprises a bustling group of these industrious insects. Characterized by intricate tunnels and chambers, the nest serves as the epicenter of activity for the colony a...

Example sentence

"I stumbled upon a nest of ants while taking a walk in the backyard."


Nest Of Asteroids

A nest of asteroids is a breathtaking and awe-inspiring sight in the vastness of outer space. Encountering a cluster of celestial bodies such as asteroids, tightly interwoven together, floating gracefully amidst the cosmic expanse resembles a divine gathe...

Example sentence

"Scientists recently discovered a swarm of asteroids known as a nest of asteroids orbiting the sun."


Nest of Beakers

Nest of Beakers is a delightful and unique collective noun phrase that beautifully encapsulates the concept of a group of beakers gathered together. Like a bird's nest, this phrase evokes images of harmony, creativity, and functionality intertwining in a ...

Example sentence

"I arranged the nest of beakers in a neat formation on the lab bench."


Nest Of Bees

A nest of bees is a distinctive collective noun phrase that accurately captures the essence of a group of bees inhabiting a natural structure or artificial dwelling. Similar to the intricate architecture of an actual beehive, the phrase nest of bees conju...

Example sentence

"The sound of a nest of bees can be quite alarming in the summer months."


Nest Of Boxes

A nest of boxes refers to a cluster, gathering, or collection of boxes that are situated or stacked-in such a way that they closely resemble a natural nest - intricate, layered, and compactly arranged. This collective noun phrase aptly captures the aesthe...

Example sentence

"I found a beautifully designed nest of boxes at the antique store."


Nest Of Bunnies

A Nest of Bunnies is a heartwarming collective noun phrase used to describe a group of bunnies huddled together in their cozy burrow. This charming imagery evokes an adorable picture of these small, soft, and fluffy creatures, usually depicted as baby rab...

Example sentence

"As a nature enthusiast, I stumbled upon a beautiful sight in the meadow - a nest of bunnies nestled amongst the flowers."


Nest Of Cables

Nest of Cables refers to a gathering or arrangement of multiple cables neatly intertwined or bundled together. Similar to a nest in the animal kingdom, this term describes the cables' intricate arrangements, resembling a nest-like structure. A nest of ca...

Example sentence

"The nest of cables behind the TV was a tangled mess."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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