[35] Unraveling the Mysterious Clutch: Fascinating Collective Noun Examples Revealed!

A clutch is an interesting collective noun that refers to a group of animals or objects connected by a common theme or movement. Typically used to describe a group of baby animals or objects held or gathered tightly together, the term "clutch" emphasizes both the unity and vulnerability of these entities.

One exciting example of a clutch comes from the animal kingdom, where a clutch often refers to the group of eggs laid by a particular species. For instance, a clutch of turtles includes all the eggs laid by a female turtle in a single nesting season. The eggs are meticulously buried in the sand or soil as the mother carefully protects her precious offspring until they hatch. Similarly, a clutch of chickens refers to a collection of eggs laid by a hen, prior to incubation or into which an artificial incubation method might be performed.

But clutches are not restricted to living beings. In the world of vehicles, a clutch serves as an integral component, found mainly in manual transmission automobiles. This device connects the engine power to the gear assembly, allowing for smooth disengagement and engagement of the transmission when changing gears. In this context, a clutch predominantly refers to the set of parts that work together to perform this vital function. For instance, the friction clutch disc, pressure plate, and release bearing collectively form a clutch assembly within a vehicle, showcasing the mechanical aspect of this term.

In the context of everyday objects, a clutch can also include a miscellaneous group. For example, a clutch of keys represents an assortment of several critical keys often held together securely — the keys to different areas of a house or even multiple functions of a facility.

In essence, the term "clutch" beautifully describes a multitude of entities: from delicate animal offspring awaiting emergence into the world, to automotive components ensuring seamless gear transitions, to the collection of indispensable keys for everyday functions.


Clutch of Eggs

A clutch of eggs refers to a small group or collection of eggs, typically laid by the same mother or found in the same nest. This collective noun phrase is commonly used in the context of animal conservation, ornithology, or general biology to describe th...

Example sentence

"The hen carefully tended to her clutch of eggs, keeping them warm and safe."


Clutch Of Feathers

A clutch of feathers is a captivating and harmonious display of feathers that come together to create a stunning sight. This collective noun phrase typically refers to a collection or grouping of feathers, as if they were delicate treasures carefully cura...

Example sentence

"As the hiker entered the cave, he saw a clutch of feathers scattered across the floor, indicating the presence of a bird's nest."


Clutch Of Fowls

A clutch of fowls is a descriptive and vivid collective noun phrase used to refer to a specific group or gathering of chickens or birds belonging to the poultry family. When used, it typically captures the image of a small cluster of fowl - often chicken...

Example sentence

"A clutch of fowls strutted confidently through the barnyard, their feathers gleaming in the sunlight."


Clutch Of Hens

A clutch of hens is a delightful collective noun phrase used to describe a group of female chickens. Hens, being sociable creatures, naturally gather in clusters, called a clutch, and exhibit interesting dynamics. This phrase vividly captures the image of...

Example sentence

"A clutch of hens roamed freely in the farmyard, pecking at the ground in search of food."


Clutch Of Ideas

A clutch of ideas refers to a gathering or collection of thoughts, concepts, and inspirations. It captures the essence of numerous innovative concepts and possibilities coming together, constituting a collective set of potential solutions or creative dire...

Example sentence

"The team brainstorming session generated a clutch of ideas for the upcoming campaign."


Clutch Of Inventions

A clutch of inventions refers to a diverse assortment or collection of inventive and innovative creations in various fields. This phrase evokes an image of numerous groundbreaking ideas clustered together, characterized by their creative concepts and prac...

Example sentence

"The clutch of inventions showcased at the technology expo was truly impressive."


Clutch Of Keys

A clutch of keys refers to a group or collection of keys. The word clutch here is used as a collective noun, similar to how a flock of birds or a herd of cattle describe multiple individual entities. It evokes the image of a tightly gathered bunch of keys...

Example sentence

"As I fumbled for my clutch of keys, I realized just how many locks I had to manage."


Clutch Of Komodo Dragons

A clutch of Komodo dragons refers to a remarkable gathering or collection of these magnificent reptiles. Komodo dragons are the largest species of lizards, known for their impressive size, powerful build, and striking appearance. Found exclusively in the ...

Example sentence

"A clutch of Komodo dragons can be found basking in the sun, their thick scales glistening in the light."


Clutch Of Lovers

A clutch of lovers is a delightful and enchanting sight to behold. This collective noun phrase refers to a group of individuals deeply entwined in the bonds of love and affection. Relationships thrive in this magical ensemble, where couples share intimate...

Example sentence

"A clutch of lovers strolled hand in hand along the pristine beach, enjoying the sunset's warm hues."


Clutch Of Mantises

A clutch of mantises refers to a grouping or gathering of mantises, a fascinating and often misunderstood insect species. These marvelous creatures are known for their slender bodies, long legs, and distinctive praying posture, making them popular subject...

Example sentence

"A clutch of mantises were seen resting on the garden plants, their slender bodies blending perfectly with the surrounding leaves."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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