[36] Crowd pleasers or a Wingding? Unveiling the Intriguing Collective Nouns for Chickens!

Collective nouns for chickens are words that specifically describe groups or flocks of chickens. These nouns vividly capture the various ways chickens assemble or behave when they are together. Here are a few intriguing collective nouns for chickens:

1. Flock: The most commonly used term, a flock refers to a grouping of chickens. It represents a natural behavior of chickens moving, grazing, or sticking together as they search for food or find safety in numbers.

2. Clutch: Typically used to denote a cluster of chicks accompanied by a mother hen or a few adult hens, a clutch represents a close-knit and protective group. Hens instinctively guard their broods, keeping them safe from predators.

3. Brood: Similar to a clutch, but often used to refer to a larger group of chicks that are being raised together by a particular hen or sometimes even a group of cooperative hens. The mother hen keeps close watch and ensures their wellbeing.

4. Peep: A peep refers specifically to baby chicks, either individually or as a group. This term emphasizes their young age and distinctive characteristic sounds they often make that can be heard as soft "peeps".

5. Rafter: An alternative collective noun that is less common but creatively evocative is a rafter. This describes a flock of turkeys, young chickens, or game birds generally, gathered together, moving or sleeping in rafters or perches.

6. Parade: Although not exclusively used for chickens, a parade is a captivating collective noun that describes chickens moving together in an upright, proud manner, resembling an intriguing and spirited procession.

These collective nouns contribute to the rich lexicon for describing the grouping and behavior of chickens, reflecting their natural instinct to be part of a group. By understanding these terms, one can better appreciate and communicate the diverse dynamics of these charming and social birds.


Assembly Of Chickens

Assembly of Chickens is a delightful collective noun phrase that encapsulates a group of these fascinating feathered creatures coming together in harmony and unity. Whenever you stumble upon an Assembly of Chickens, you will be captivated by the sight of ...

Example sentence

"The assembly of chickens clucked and pecked eagerly as they gathered around their feeder."


Band Of Chickens

A band of chickens refers to a group or gathering of these feathery creatures, typically roaming and foraging together on a farm or in a spacious outdoor area. This distinctive collective noun captures the lively dynamics and common behavior of these soci...

Example sentence

"A band of chickens strutted confidently around the farmyard, each one pecking and scratching at the ground."


Battery Of Chickens

A battery of chickens refers to a group or flock of chickens gathered together in a specific context or setting. The term battery represents unity, strength, and purpose, showcasing the collective nature and action-oriented behavior of these domestic bird...

Example sentence

"As the farmer walked into the barnyard, he was greeted by a battery of chickens clucking and pecking."


Bevy Of Chickens

A bevy of chickens is a mesmerizing sight to behold. It refers to a delightful gathering or group of chickens nestled within their natural habitat. This idyllic scene usually consists of a variety of colorful plumages, comb crowns dancing in harmony, and ...

Example sentence

"I saw a bevy of chickens grazing in the yard next door."


Breast Of Chickens

The collective noun phrase breast of chickens refers to a grouping or collection of the meaty chest portions of multiple chickens. As a collective noun phrase, it highlights the plump and succulent part of the bird, which is highly sought after for its te...

Example sentence

"The butcher displayed a platter of breast of chickens, attracting the attention of all shoppers at the market."


Brood of Chickens

A brood of chickens refers to a specific group of baby chickens that has hatched together and is typically under the care of the same mother hen. It depicts the scene of a nurturing mother hen diligently protecting, overseeing, and guiding her delicate br...

Example sentence

"The brood of chickens huddled together under the warmth of their mother hen's wings."


Cluck of Chickens

A Cluck of Chickens is a charming and fitting collective noun phrase used to describe a group of chickens. This delightful phrase captures the essence of these fun-loving creatures and provides a picturesque scene of feathered friends. Cluck perfectly enc...

Example sentence

"In the barnyard, a cluck of chickens gathered around the feeding trough, pecking away eagerly at the grains."


Cluster Of Chickens

A cluster of chickens refers to a close-knit and tightly-packed group of domesticated birds belonging to the chicken family, Gallus gallus domesticus. This collective noun phrase vividly portrays the huddled and bustling nature of these birds. Whether for...

Example sentence

"A cluster of chickens is huddled together in the barn, seeking warmth during the chilly winter mornings."


Clutch Of Chickens

A clutch of chickens refers to a group or collection of chickens gathered together. This collective noun phrase highlights the image of chickens gathered closely, seemingly moving as one unit. A clutch usually consists of a small group of chickens, typica...

Example sentence

"I saw a clutch of chickens crossing the road, scurrying together in a chaotic frenzy."


Cohort Of Chickens

A cohort of chickens refers to a group or assembly of chickens. Chickens being social animals naturally gather and engage in various activities as a collective entity, whether it's foraging, exploring, or interacting with their environment. Within a cohor...

Example sentence

"A cohort of chickens marched proudly through the barnyard, clucking and pecking at the ground."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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