[35] Unraveling the Mysterious Clutch: Fascinating Collective Noun Examples Revealed!

A clutch is an interesting collective noun that refers to a group of animals or objects connected by a common theme or movement. Typically used to describe a group of baby animals or objects held or gathered tightly together, the term "clutch" emphasizes both the unity and vulnerability of these entities.

One exciting example of a clutch comes from the animal kingdom, where a clutch often refers to the group of eggs laid by a particular species. For instance, a clutch of turtles includes all the eggs laid by a female turtle in a single nesting season. The eggs are meticulously buried in the sand or soil as the mother carefully protects her precious offspring until they hatch. Similarly, a clutch of chickens refers to a collection of eggs laid by a hen, prior to incubation or into which an artificial incubation method might be performed.

But clutches are not restricted to living beings. In the world of vehicles, a clutch serves as an integral component, found mainly in manual transmission automobiles. This device connects the engine power to the gear assembly, allowing for smooth disengagement and engagement of the transmission when changing gears. In this context, a clutch predominantly refers to the set of parts that work together to perform this vital function. For instance, the friction clutch disc, pressure plate, and release bearing collectively form a clutch assembly within a vehicle, showcasing the mechanical aspect of this term.

In the context of everyday objects, a clutch can also include a miscellaneous group. For example, a clutch of keys represents an assortment of several critical keys often held together securely — the keys to different areas of a house or even multiple functions of a facility.

In essence, the term "clutch" beautifully describes a multitude of entities: from delicate animal offspring awaiting emergence into the world, to automotive components ensuring seamless gear transitions, to the collection of indispensable keys for everyday functions.


Clutch Of Adders

A clutch of adders refers to a fascinating and oftentimes daring assemblage of these venomous snakes. Adders are highly venomous reptiles found in various parts of the world, known for their beautiful patterned bodies and striking impact. When several of ...

Example sentence

"In the dense forest, a clutch of adders quietly slithered through the underbrush, their sleek bodies intertwined."


Clutch Of Artists

A clutch of artists refers to a group or gathering of skilled individuals engaged in various artistic pursuits. This collective noun phrase captures the dynamism, creativity, and diversity that flow freely within such a company. Comprised of painters, pho...

Example sentence

"A clutch of artists gathered at the gallery opening, embracing the opportunity to connect and inspire."


Clutch Of Awards

A clutch of awards is a captivating collective noun phrase that beautifully encapsulates the idea of multiple accolades gathered together, presenting a captivating visual image. Clutch metaphorically refers to a firm and secure grasp on something valuable...

Example sentence

"The artist's incredible talent was recognized with a clutch of awards, including Best Newcomer and Album of the Year."


Clutch Of Birds

A clutch of birds refers to a group or gathering of birds that are closely associated with one another. This collective noun phrase is commonly used to describe birds when they assemble or congregate for various reasons such as feeding, roosting, breeding...

Example sentence

"A clutch of birds soared overhead, creating a stunning display in the evening sky."


Clutch Of Cards

A clutch of cards refers to a collection or grouping of cards. The term clutch portrays a sense of being tightly held or grasped together, portraying an element of careful selection or firm control over the cards. This phrase suggests a deliberate arrange...

Example sentence

"The magician revealed a clutch of cards and began performing mind-boggling tricks."


Clutch Of Chickens

A clutch of chickens refers to a group or collection of chickens gathered together. This collective noun phrase highlights the image of chickens gathered closely, seemingly moving as one unit. A clutch usually consists of a small group of chickens, typica...

Example sentence

"I saw a clutch of chickens crossing the road, scurrying together in a chaotic frenzy."


Clutch of Chicks

A clutch of chicks refers to a group of baby birds of various species that have recently hatched, typically within a nest or in close proximity. The phrase clutch signifies the common term for a group of eggs laid by a bird, while chicks refers to the new...

Example sentence

"A clutch of chicks huddled together under the warmth of their mother's feathers."


Clutch Of Cubs

A clutch of cubs is a delightful and endearing sight. It refers to the group of young animals usually seen together with their mother, often observed in species like lions, tigers, bears, and other mammals. The word clutch invokes a sense of tender protec...

Example sentence

"A clutch of cubs was spotted playing near the river in the early morning."


Clutch Of Diamonds

A clutch of diamonds refers to a visually stunning arrangement or assortment of these precious gemstones. It is an enchanting collection that captivates the eye with its brilliance, perfect cuts, magnificent colors, and unparalleled sparkle. This collecti...

Example sentence

"At the jewelry store, we marveled at the beautiful clutch of diamonds on display."


Clutch Of Dragons

A clutch of dragons is a mystical and captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a group of these awe-inspiring and legendary creatures. Enveloped in an air of mythology and fantasy, this distinctive term paints a vivid mental image of an assortm...

Example sentence

"A clutch of dragons soared through the ancient skies, their majestic wings creating a sweeping spectacle."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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