[28] A Grand Cadre of Collective Noun Examples: Explore the Power of 'Cadre' in Describing Groups

A "cadre" is a collective noun that represents a cohesive and organized group of people who share similar skills, knowledge, or expertise and work together towards a common purpose or goal. This term is often used in professional or specialized contexts to describe groups that have received specific training or possess specific qualifications.

Examples of cadres can be found in various fields. In the military, a cadre represents a group of experienced and highly disciplined soldiers who serve as leaders, instructors, and advisors within a unit or training institution. They guide and mold the less experienced personnel, imparting values, skills, and tactics necessary for successful operations. The cadre ensures a productive and efficient environment for training and the ongoing development of military personnel.

Similarly, educational institutions may have academic cadres or teaching cadres, referring to senior educators or professors who are responsible for formulating curriculum, guiding teaching methodologies, and mentoring junior staff. These cadres ascertain the quality of education delivered and uphold the standards and educational philosophies of the institution.

Other fields also utilize the concept of a cadre to denote specialized groups. For example, within corporate organizations, one might find a management cadre consisting of experienced executives who hold superior knowledge and skills needed to devise strategic plans, make crucial decisions, and steer the company towards growth and success. Such a cadre plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency, stability, and advancement of the organization.

In summary, the term "cadre" encompasses various organized groups representing expertise, experience, and specifically trained individuals within different professional domains. Its broad utilization highlights how these cadres nurture, guide, and sustain the growth and quality of their respective fields.


Cadre Of Administrators

A cadre of administrators, a group term used to refer to a cohesive and specialized team responsible for the effective management and operation of an organization. This dynamic collective comprises knowledgeable professionals adept at guiding and supervis...

Example sentence

"The cadre of administrators has been working together tirelessly to improve the efficiency of the company."


Cadre Of Analysts

A cadre of analysts refers to a group of highly skilled and experienced individuals united by their expertise in analyzing data, solving complex problems, and providing insights to support decision-making processes. This collective noun phrase typically d...

Example sentence

"The cadre of analysts worked diligently to uncover trends and patterns within the data."


Cadre Of Artists

A cadre of artists refers to a dedicated group or team of talented individuals who come together to promote and engage in artistic endeavors. This collective noun phrase highlights a community of artists that share a common passion for creativity, innovat...

Example sentence

"The cadre of artists collaborated on a magnificent art exhibition, each bringing their unique style and talents to create a mesmerizing display."


Cadre Of Clinicians

A cadre of clinicians refers to a cohesive group of professionals in healthcare who work collaboratively towards a common goal. This collective noun phrase typically consists of a mix of specialized medical practitioners, such as doctors, nurses, therapis...

Example sentence

"The cadre of clinicians is known for their expertise in diagnosing rare diseases."


Cadre Of Consultants

A cadre of consultants refers to a group or team of professional consultants who possess specialized skills and knowledge in a particular field or industry. This collective noun phrase encapsulates a select group of experts who work together closely, ofte...

Example sentence

"The company hired a cadre of consultants to assist with their rebranding strategy."


Cadre Of Coordinators

A cadre of coordinators refers to a group or assemblage of individuals who specialize in the act of coordinating and collaborating. This distinctive collective noun phrase embodies both the idea of a team and their shared purpose of managing and facilitat...

Example sentence

"The cadre of coordinators diligently worked together to ensure the success of the company's latest project."


Cadre Of Designers

Cadre of Designers refers to a select group of highly skilled and proficient individuals who specialize in the field of design. This collective noun phrase is commonly employed to define a collaborative team of talented designers who work together, sharin...

Example sentence

"The cadre of designers collaborated seamlessly to create a stunning collection for the fashion show."


Cadre Of Diplomats

A cadre of diplomats refers to a group or body of skilled individuals who have been designated to engage in diplomatic endeavors on behalf of their respective countries or organizations. These diplomats, often carefully selected for their expertise and ex...

Example sentence

"The cadre of diplomats attended the high-level summit to address global security challenges."


Cadre Of Educators

A cadre of educators is a cohesive and dedicated group that provides guidance, instruction, and support in shaping the minds of learners. This collective noun phrase refers to a highly trained and experienced collection of teachers, professors, and educat...

Example sentence

"The cadre of educators strives to create an inclusive learning environment for their students."


Cadre Of Engineers

A cadre of engineers is a term used to describe a group or team of professional engineers working together toward a common goal. This collective noun phrase suggests a disciplined, organized, and skilled team of individuals with technical expertise and kn...

Example sentence

"The cadre of engineers at the power plant conducted regular safety inspections."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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