[181] A Company of Lions: Exploring Collective Noun Examples with 'Company'

A collective noun refers to a group or collection of individuals, animals, or things. When it comes to describing companies – organizations formed by people for common objectives – there are various collective nouns that perfectly capture their active and united nature. Here are a few examples:

1. A team of companies: This implies multiple companies working collaboratively towards a shared goal or purpose. It signifies collective effort, synchronization, and cooperation among the different organizations cooperating as one unit.

2. A fleet of companies: Much like a fleet of ships, this collective noun emphasizes the diverse assortment of companies working together. It suggests great diversity and expansion in terms of industry sectors, services offered, or geographic locations.

3. A cohort of companies: This term characterizes a group of companies moving forward or progressing in sync with each other – similar to individuals graduating together. It signifies a collaborative and supportive environment wherein each company helps others in reaching mutual success.

4. An alliance of companies: This collective noun denotes a coalition or partnership between multiple companies. It highlights the unified efforts of organizations promoting shared interests, often joining forces to enhance business capabilities or compete more effective against other entities.

5. A consortium of companies: This term signifies a group of companies coming together to pursue a common objective or project, typically involving pooling resources, knowledge, or expertise. It highlights the synergy derived from collective participation toward a mutual goal.

6. A conglomerate of companies: A conglomerate represents a collection of companies with different business interests or industries under a single corporate entity. This collective noun exemplifies the combination of distinct companies that come together to form a large and diverse organization.

Whether focused on cooperation, expansion, progress, collaboration, partnership, or diversification, these collective nouns capture the essence of how multiple companies can combine forces and work together towards shared success.


Company Of Acrobats

A company of acrobats refers to a group of skilled and talented individuals who perform daring and awe-inspiring physical feats and stunts in a professional setting. This collective noun phrase captures the collaborative and cohesive nature of acrobatics,...

Example sentence

"A company of acrobats captivated the audience with their breathtaking stunts and gravity-defying performances."


Company of Actors

A company of actors refers to a group or ensemble of performers who come together to present theatrical productions. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the essence of collaboration, talent, and artistic expression. Within a company of actors, indivi...

Example sentence

"A company of actors is rehearsing diligently for their upcoming play."


Company Of Adventurers

A company of adventurers is an enthralling collective noun phrase that conjures up images of individuals united by a remarkable quest for discovery, thrill, and wit. It conjures a sense of camaraderie among audacious souls who yearn to traverse unexplored...

Example sentence

"A company of adventurers embarked on a daring expedition deep into the Amazon rainforest."


Company Of Angels

A Company of Angels can be described as a graceful and celestial gathering of divine beings, renowned for their harmonious presence and celestial assistance. This collective noun phrase is often used to signify a group or assembly of these otherworldly be...

Example sentence

"A company of angels hovered over the newborn child, bestowing their blessings upon it."


Company Of Archers

A Company of Archers refers to a unified group or gathering of individuals who practice or engage in the art and discipline of archery. This collective noun phrase embodies the spirit of camaraderie and teamwork among archers, whether they are recreationa...

Example sentence

"The Company of Archers prepared for their upcoming competition by practicing their aim and precision."


Company Of Artillery

A company of artillery is a specialized and disciplined group of military personnel and equipment dedicated to the operation and management of various types of artillery. This collective noun phrase refers to a unit within an army or armed forces that is ...

Example sentence

"A company of artillery marches in precise formation as they traverse the parade ground."


Company Of Artisans

A Company of Artisans refers to a group or collective of skilled individuals who are actively engaged in the craftsmanship and creation of various artistic works. This collective noun phrase encompasses a diverse range of professionals from different art ...

Example sentence

"A company of artisans gathered at the local craft fair to display their masterful creations."


Company Of Artists

A Company of Artists refers to a group, gathering, or ensemble of individuals who dedicate their professional lives to the creation and expression of art. Whether their artistic disciplines span across various mediums such as painting, sculpture, photogra...

Example sentence

"A company of artists performed a breathtaking rendition of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet."


Company Of Athletes

A company of athletes refers to a group or gathering of skillful, disciplined individuals who engage in various forms of sports and athletics. This collective noun phrase encapsulates a dynamic assembly of individuals who share a common passion for physic...

Example sentence

"A company of athletes trained diligently on the soccer field for hours each day."


Company Of Baboons

A company of baboons refers to a gathering or a group of baboons, the Old World, medium to large-sized primates that are primarily found in various regions of Africa. This particular collective noun accurately captures the essence of their social structur...

Example sentence

"A company of baboons could be observed swinging through the trees, occasionally vocalizing to communicate with one another."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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