[88] Gang Up! Exploring Collective Noun Examples Featuring the Word Gang

A gang refers to a group of people or animals who come together for a common purpose or activity. This collective noun is often associated with a sense of solidarity and alignment among its members. While gangs are typically associated with criminal activities, it is essential to note that the use of this term is not limited to unlawful contexts. Here are a few examples of collective nouns containing the word "gang":

1. Gang of Thieves: Often associated with illicit activities, a gang of thieves refers to a group of individuals who collaborate to commit acts of theft or robbery.

2. Gang of Rebels: This collective noun represents a group of people sharing a common goal of challenging and opposing established authority or societal norms.

3. Gang of Outlaws: This term denotes a group of individuals who operate outside the boundaries of the law, engaging in criminal activities such as smuggling, counterfeiting, or illegal trade.

4. Gang of Friends: On a more positive note, a gang of friends depicts a close-knit group of companions who share friendship, camaraderie, and mutual support.

5. Gang of Street Artists: Often seen in urban settings, this collective noun represents a group of artists who collaborate on creating visually striking paintings, murals, or graffiti in public areas.

6. Gang of Astronauts: In the context of space exploration, this term signifies a team of astronauts who embark on missions together, working cohesively to conduct experiments and explore the unknown frontiers.

7. Gang of Elephants: In the animal kingdom, this collective noun identifies a close group of elephants traveling together, providing protection and support for one another.

It's crucial to use these terms responsibly and consider the varied connotations associated with the word "gang."


Gang Of Actors

A gang of actors refers to a group of individuals who are engaged in or associated with the profession of acting, often collaborating on projects or performing together as an ensemble. This collective noun phrase captures the sense of camaraderie, creativ...

Example sentence

"The gang of actors performed a stunning rendition of Hamlet at the theater on Saturday night."


Gang Of Adventurers

A gang of adventurers embodies the spirit of exploration, camaraderie, and daring audacity. Comprised of individuals fueled by an insatiable thirst for thrilling experiences, this collective noun phrase refers to a motley crew of diverse characters united...

Example sentence

"The Gang of Adventurers embarked on a quest to find a long-lost treasure hidden deep within the jungle."


Gang Of Artisans

A Gang of Artisans refers to a group of talented and skilled individuals deeply skilled and engaged in artistic activities, crafts, or trades. This collective noun phrase exemplifies a community bound together by their passion, expertise, and dedication t...

Example sentence

"A gang of artisans diligently worked together to restore the ancient painting."


Gang Of Artists

A gang of artists refers to a gathering or collective of talented individuals who possess a profound passion and skill for various artistic endeavors. Comprised of painters, sculptors, musicians, performers, writers, and creators from diverse artistic dis...

Example sentence

"The gang of artists gathered at the gallery to discuss their upcoming exhibition."


Gang Of Baboons

A gang of baboons is a phrase used to describe a unique group of primates, known as baboons, in collective terms. Baboons are highly social animals that typically live in large troops comprised of both males and females. Within these troops, smaller group...

Example sentence

"In the African savannah, a gang of baboons can be seen swinging from tree to tree, flashing their colorful behinds."


Gang Of Bikers

A gang of bikers refers to a group of motorcyclists who have banded together, forming a close-knit and often exclusive community. This collective noun phrase captures the distinctive camaraderie, shared interests, and undeniable thrill-seeking spirit that...

Example sentence

"A gang of bikers roared down the highway, their engines purring in unison."


Gang Of Bloodhounds

A gang of bloodhounds is a poetic and evocative collective noun phrase used to describe a group of bloodhounds. Bloodhounds, known for their exceptional tracking abilities and keen senses of smell, are large, powerful dogs that possess a striking appearan...

Example sentence

"A gang of bloodhounds was assembled to aid in the search for the missing hiker."


Gang Of Boys

A gang of boys refers to a distinctive group of young males who are often seen together engaging in various activities. This collective noun phrase captures the energy, camaraderie, and liveliness commonly associated with boys in their formative years. Wh...

Example sentence

"A gang of boys was causing mischief in the neighborhood, climbing trees and screaming loudly."


Gang Of Brothers

A gang of brothers is a term used to describe a group of male siblings who band together, united by a strong bond and shared experiences. This collective noun phrase brings to mind a powerful image of brotherhood, camaraderie, and solidarity. The term gan...

Example sentence

"The gang of brothers gathered every weekend to have their weekly poker game."


Gang Of Builders

A gang of builders is a collective noun phrase used to describe a group of skilled - and possibly even rugged - individuals who are engaged in construction and renovation work. The members of this esteemed community come together to build, repair, and res...

Example sentence

"A gang of builders was hired to construct the bridge across the river."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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