[37] The Ecclesiastical Ensemble: A Collection of Collective Nouns for Vicars

A collective noun for vicars is a congregation. Just like the word implies, a vicar serves as the spiritual leader of a congregation, guiding and nourishing their faith. Conjuring up images of unity, devotion, and support, the term 'congregation' encompasses not only the individuals attending religious services, but also an organized community seeking guidance from the vicar. This collective noun represents the bond shared among all those associated with a particular church or religious denomination, steadfast in their shared belief and turning to their vicar for spiritual assistance, moral teachings, and pastoral care. The congregation establishes a space of solace and shared values where members can seek comfort, celebrate their devotion together, find camaraderie, and deepen their faith under the guidance of their compassionate vicar.


Altar Of Vicars

Altar of Vicars is a unique and intriguing collective noun phrase that resonates with the rich history and significance of religious traditions. True to its name, it conjures images of a sanctuary or holy place, serving as a gathering spot for a specific ...

Example sentence

"The altar of vicars was adorned with beautiful flowers for the upcoming wedding ceremony."


Assembly Of Vicars

An assembly of vicars refers to a gathering or group of religious ministers who are tasked with spiritual leadership and guidance within a specific community or region. This collective noun phrase, derived from the Latin term vicarius meaning substitute, ...

Example sentence

"The Assembly of Vicars gathered at the cathedral to discuss communal matters and debate theological doctrines."


Blessing Of Vicars

A Blessing of Vicars is a captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a gathering or group of vicars—a term typically used to refer to clergymen in the Anglican Church. This unique and evocative phrase conjures imagery of a gathering of spiritua...

Example sentence

"A Blessing of Vicars gathered in the ancient church, preparing for a special ceremony."


Brotherhood Of Vicars

The phrase Brotherhood of Vicars is a collective noun phrase used to refer to a specific group or assembly of individuals who are all vicars. This gathering encompasses a community of ordained ministers or priests within a religious organization, generall...

Example sentence

"The Brotherhood of Vicars gathers annually to share experiences and discuss their missions within the clergy."


Cathedral Of Vicars

The Cathedral of Vicars is an extraordinary collective noun phrase used to refer to a group or assembly of individuals who are highly revered and respected members of the clergy. Like a magnificent cathedral, this assemblage represents a grandeur in their...

Example sentence

"The Cathedral of Vicars stands tall in the heart of the city, its grandeur unmatched by any other."


Celebration Of Vicars

A Celebration of Vicars refers to a gathering or ceremony which brings together a group of vicars, who are clergymen responsible for the conduct of religious services and the care of souls within a parish. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the unit...

Example sentence

"A celebration of vicars gathered at the annual conference to share their experiences and exchange ideas."


Chapter Of Vicars

A Chapter of Vicars refers to a group of vicars who belong to a specific chapter or body within the church hierarchy. In Christian traditions, a chapter is a governing body that oversees the affairs of a specific diocese or cathedral and plays a vital rol...

Example sentence

"The cathedral was hosting a gathering of a Chapter of Vicars, who congregated there to discuss matters pertaining to the church's administration."


Choir Of Vicars

A Choir of Vicars is a unique and captivating collective noun phrase that brings to mind an ethereal ensemble of clergymen bound together by a shared purpose. Evoking a sense of reverence and divine harmony, this phrase conjures a mental image of a group ...

Example sentence

"The Choir of Vicars performed a powerful and soul-stirring rendition of Handel's Messiah."


Church Of Vicars

The collective noun phrase Church of Vicars refers to a gathering or assembly of vicars within the context of the Church, specifically within the Christian faith. Vicars are ministers or priests who are appointed to lead specific congregations or parishes...

Example sentence

"The Church of Vicars gathered for their weekly meeting to discuss community outreach programs."


Clergy Of Vicars

The collective noun phrase Clergy of Vicars refers to a group of ordained religious figures holding the rank of vicar within the clergy. This assemblage encompasses a range of individuals who have been appointed as vicars in various religious denomination...

Example sentence

"The clergy of vicars gathered at the cathedral for an important meeting."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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